TWD: The Next World

Finally watched this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Side effect of having a headache all weekend …. falling asleep early on Sunday and missing The Walking Dead. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

  • Jesus is a ninja
  • Trucks full of food don’t float
  • Jesus is also kind of hot
  • Carl needs to cut his freaking hair
  • It’s about Goddamn time

Rant of The Week: how in the fuck does that hat keep getting bigger. It was giant on Carl’s head when he was a little kid and now he a tall, lanky, angsty, teen-ish person and it is still giant on his head. Either it’s a magic growing hat or his head is shrinking. Either way, WTF.

Pinch Me

My love for the Barenaked Ladies has been spoken of frequently, but this particular song of theirs has been rattling around in my brain for a few days now. I guess you could say it is speaking to me right now for some reason.

It’s the perfect time of year, somewhere far away from here. I feel fine enough I guess, considering everything’s a mess. There’s a restaurant down the street where hungry people go to eat. I could walk but I’ll just drive, it’s colder than it looks outside.

It is been a favorite of mine, and I think I like it so much because it is a perfect blend of humor and poignancy. Something that BNL is very good at.

Pinch me, cause I’m still asleep. Please God, tell me that I’m still asleep.

For me, it’s about using humor to get you through a shitty time. And that is something I can relate to in a real way.

On an evening such as this, it’s hard to tell if I exist. If I packed the car and leave this town, who’d notice that I’m not around. I could hide out under there. I just made you say underwear.

I mean really. Let’s talk about how insignificant we feel and then make an underwear joke. These guys are genius. How can you not love them.




How I Spent My Saturday

I found myself with a free day today, and after the traditional Saturday chores and housecleaning, I decided to tackle some replanting of some houseplants I have.

Back in the Spring/Summer, I put together a small succulent garden for in my kitchen. The plants were all small-ish at the time, but one of them has turned into this monstrosity and needed it’s own home. So my daughter and I hit up some of the local garden stores and I found a couple more small plants, a larger pot for my giant plant, and then headed home for some re-potting.



The big plant on the left is the one that outgrew his home. The center planter is where all of these plants were trying to live together before today. I took out the big cabbage-type succulent on the left and put him in his own, much larger home. I also took out the Kalanchoe on the right and put her in her own little planter. In the center planter, the little guy on the left is new and joined my other smaller plants.

These two got new homes of their own!


Now I have this little fella who needs a roommate. I have a planter ready for him, and need to find him a friend and then all my little plants will be happy in their new homes.


I absolutely adore succulents. They are super cool, some of them are downright weird, and I really like that about them.

Once I find a friend for my solo plant, my next project will be a “fairy garden” type thing. Alexa and I had fun today, out in the frigid February temperatures, wandering through greenhouses and looking at amazing plants. There are some really fun fairy garden themes and accessories, and I’m looking forward to planning that out.

Here’s to a Saturday spent with one of my best friends, looking at amazing plants, finding some cute greenhouse cats, and having a generally good day.

Your Name Offers No Encouragement

So, I have this weird thing on my face, kind of mole-ish but not really. Just popped up several weeks ago and has been annoying to look at, and a little worrisome. So I went to my family doctor and he prescribed a steroid cream and said to use it for two weeks and see what happene. After two weeks, it made it smaller but didn’t take it away. Then when I stopped the cream, it came right back. So, he is referring me to a Dermatologist so they can have a look at it.

I get the call today with the appointment information and the name of the practice is downright, freaking terrifying: Central Ohio Skin & Cancer

Seriously? Cancer is right there in the name of the damn place.

wtf gif


For someone like me, who worked in Oncology for 10 years and saw cancer on a daily basis, some of the more neurotic of us tend to think that cancer is just hiding around the corner everywhere we go, waiting to pounce. I was told by my shrink once that it is because we saw it daily that it seemed more likely to actually happen to us, even though the “real” statistics were exactly the opposite. But in our crazy, neurotic brains – 100% certain everything that happened was cancer. So, hearing the name of this place gave me an honest-to-God shiver and I got a little flutter in my stomach.

Now, the real chances that this is cancer are slim. Even I know that it doesn’t “look” like any skin cancer I’ve ever seen before. But still … fucking cancer. In the name of the place I’m going to next week. Jeebus.

Roll Credits

*full disclosure – credit for this blog title goes to Cinema Sins

So this guy, Chris Huebs, put together a couple of YouTube videos that Cinema Blend caught wind of and reported on today. I opened the first one at work and proceed to laugh right out loud. First because the concept is clever and in some instances hysterical, but mostly because of this guy’s music choices.

He basically took the question of “What would happen if, during a movie, the instant someone in the movie said the title of the movie, the movie ended?” He took a few movies and cut them in this way, and added some new music over the credits. Now, not everyone may find this hysterical, but the contrast between the movie itself and the song chosen really made me laugh. Out loud. A lot.

Here they are, in all their glory.

Gideon is Winning Valentine’s Day

This little guy and his amazing nurse are winning Valentine’s Day … at least in my book.

Having worked in Oncology for 10-ish years, I can say that the bond you create with your patients and their families is unlike any other. You see these amazing people on a very regular basis and you get to know them. You become more than just a caregiver. It is the most special thing ever.

The relationship between these two is clearly special and not unlike many relationships I made in my days at the hospital.

When she says “You can be my Hospital Husband” my heart just about burst.

Gideon + Tall Sarah = Forever.