Month: February 2016


Finally watched this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Side effect of having a headache all weekend …. falling asleep early on Sunday and missing The Walking Dead. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

  • Jesus is a ninja
  • Trucks full of food don’t float
  • Jesus is also kind of hot
  • Carl needs to cut his freaking hair
  • It’s about Goddamn time

Rant of The Week: how in the fuck does that hat keep getting bigger. It was giant on Carl’s head when he was a little kid and now he a tall, lanky, angsty, teen-ish person and it is still giant on his head. Either it’s a magic growing hat or his head is shrinking. Either way, WTF.

Pinch Me

My love for the Barenaked Ladies has been spoken of frequently, but this particular song of theirs has been rattling around in my brain for a few days now. I guess you could say it is speaking to me right now for some reason. It’s the perfect time of year, somewhere far away from here. I feel fine enough I…

How I Spent My Saturday

I found myself with a free day today, and after the traditional Saturday chores and housecleaning, I decided to tackle some replanting of some houseplants I have. Back in the Spring/Summer, I put together a small succulent garden for in my kitchen. The plants were all small-ish at the time, but one of them has turned into this monstrosity and needed…

Your Name Offers No Encouragement

So, I have this weird thing on my face, kind of mole-ish but not really. Just popped up several weeks ago and has been annoying to look at, and a little worrisome. So I went to my family doctor and he prescribed a steroid cream and said to use it for two weeks and see what happene. After two weeks,…

Roll Credits

*full disclosure – credit for this blog title goes to Cinema Sins.  So this guy, Chris Huebs, put together a couple of YouTube videos that Cinema Blend caught wind of and reported on today. I opened the first one at work and proceed to laugh right out loud. First because the concept is clever and in some instances hysterical, but mostly…

Gideon is Winning Valentine’s Day

This little guy and his amazing nurse are winning Valentine’s Day … at least in my book. Having worked in Oncology for 10-ish years, I can say that the bond you create with your patients and their families is unlike any other. You see these amazing people on a very regular basis and you get to know them. You become more than…