Birthday Week Shenanigans

I already posted about taking Jamison to the Lazer Team movie a week-ish or more ago, which technically was the first “birthday gift” he received. His actual birthday was this past Thursday (Feb 4) and so there were even more birthday related activities this week. Here’s the rundown:

On Wednesday, we did his traditional “birthday dinner” at a restaurant of his choosing, which for the last several years has been Red Lobster. 12662438_10153339274657747_7339156487446772713_nWhich is fine for a 15 year old, but next year I need to introduce him to some much better options in he area of seafood restaurants around town. For reals. We took his sister and her boyfriend with us, since it was the boyfriends birthday this week as well.12669535_10153339274732747_1231850838168027742_n


Thursday, his actual birthday, was chorus rehearsal night with The Alliance, which is one of his favorite things and was the perfect place to be. They sang to him and then I let him go out after rehearsal with the guys and he was able to get his “regular” at the restaurant we go to: a bowl of steamed broccoli and chocolate cake and ice cream. Sam, the waiter, didn’t even need to take an order, he gets it every Thursday in the summer.

On Sunday, we had his unofficial “party.” IMG_20160207_121907-01He took a couple of friends to lunch at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace (highly recommend by the way) IMG_20160207_121846-01and then we went to Level One – a local “Barcade” that has a kids day on Sunday. Games are free, pinball is 50 cents and it was a blast. They played all variety of old school arcade games as well as some Mario games on a big screen. Good times were had by all.IMG_20160207_152051-01

He got a Steam gift card (always the perfect gift for him) and a giant Magic The Gathering box (also a never-miss gift). He spent the remainder of the evening at home building decks and battling against himself. I think I’m going to need an extra room just for his Magic cards.

His friends had fun and he had a great week. He got to dog sit a bit on Saturday, and he loves dogs so he had a blast doing that. We watched Rooster Teeth videos all week long and generally had a great week.

Happy 15 Jamison. Here’s to getting your temps in 6 months. Lord have mercy I’m old.

Queen Cersei – aka: Queen Bad Ass

As a Game of Thrones fan, I think Cersei Lannister is pretty bad ass. I mean, she is horrible and terrifying and mean and evil, but bad ass none the less. If I were living in Westros, I would either want her as my best friend, or even better: I’d want to be her.

This video was making the rounds last week and I love it, because Lena Headey can quickly channel Queen Sersei and make inane insults from one of the most ridiculous shows on television (apologies to my friends who are fans – I still love you) and make them sound … well … pretty bad ass.