Here’s a Quarter

I survived my first “Quarter Marathon” this weekend. And I’m pretty damn proud of it, not gonna lie.

When I started running again, a year-ish ago, it was literally an attempt to run away from my problems. It has turned into something that I just really like doing. It has helped me drop close to 40 pounds now, and it makes me feel … well … powerful. And strong. I decided a few months in that I’d like to try to increase my distance and see just how far I could push myself. After running a handful of 5K races this year, I signed up for the New Moon Quarter Marathon. Which is also a Half-Half. Which is also a 10K. Which is 6.55 miles American.



Everyone knows the best part of the race is the swag. Pretty sweet medal for this one. And it glows in the dark!


I finished with a respectable time of 1:07:11 – right smack in the middle and with probably my best pace ever in a race. Which is surprising to me, considering I was uncertain towards the end if I would even survive.

race certificateBut, survive I did, even though at somewhere between mile 5 and mile 6 I got passed by a pregnant lady. Like a 7 to 8 month pregnant lady. A real nice kick in the balls of my self esteem right there.

But I finished. I didn’t walk at any point. And I felt amazing afterwards. I felt like I got hit by a truck, but it was a trucIMG_20160521_192401-01k full of awesomeness and rainbows and unicorn farts, which we all know are primarily made of confetti and sunshine.  So yeah – I felt great.

Also – the best beer I ever tasted! It’s amazing what running 6.55 miles will do to a ShockTop.


I’m A Weirdo

I discovered something today. Not that I’m weird. I already knew that. The title of this post is not revelatory in any way. But, I still discovered something about myself today. Actually, more of a re-discovery than anything. I knew this but had forgotten because the information was rendered unnecessary, but circumstances have put me back in an old place and so …

I digress.

I love laundromats. Like coin-operated laundromats. Like a pack up all your shit and haul it to a whole other building to wash it kind of laundromat.

I don’t really enjoy doing laundry or anything. I mean, it’s not the worst thing, but not something I look forward to. But today I needed to do some laundry and current circumstances mean that I need to take my clothes somewhere else for that, because I don’t have a washer or dryer.

I researched on Yelp (I am a creature of social media after all) and decided on a place to try. It was in a good neighborhood in town, close to some shops and what not if I got totally bored. So I packed up my laptop (free WiFi) and headed out. I stopped on my way for one of my favorite frozen tea latte’s (Matcha Berry at Crimson Cup – try it – it’s fantastic), because I’m just hipster enough (I also got a bottle of water, hydration is important), and headed to the laundromat.

The first thing I realized is that I’m not only weird, I’m also a dumb ass, and forgot my detergent. Luckily I am smart enough to have not waited weeks to do laundry, so I only had two loads (hehehe loads) and only had to spend a buck fifty on detergent. Lesson learned.

It was not packed, which was fantastic considering it was about 1:00 on a Sunday afternoon. So I picked a machine and got started.

The first realization I had was that, I can do more than one load at a time and that is fucking amazing. Waiting for wash/dry/wash/dry/wash/dry makes me want to kick kittens, so getting it all done at once is great.

The second realization is that, I was removed from the distractions of my apartment (squirrel) and was able to actually get some shit done that I’ve been trying to get done, very unsuccessfully, all week. Typed up a document that was due on Tuesday. Bam. Thought of a few new blog post topics. Boom. Got a little bit of fun people watching done. Bazinga. Got my laundry done, folded, and organized before getting back to my apartment. Mission. Freaking. Accomplished.

Overall it was a great experience. Clean place, no super weird homeless people or anything, no creepy uncle types, no wild-haired cat ladies talking to themselves in the corner (all things I have seen at laundromats in the past). Just some folks doing some laundry on a Sunday afternoon.

Kinda looking forward to next week.

I know. I’m weird.

All Of The Funny

Ya know, I love social media. I know I’m a middle aged mom and my large social media presence most assuredly infuriates my children, but I really don’t care, because I love the community you can build and find on social media.

I just had a most amazing weekend and I owe it all to Twitter.

A while back I started following this local comedian, Erik Tait, and let me tell you, just on Twitter he is damn funny. Then one day, he tweeted a link to an Indie-Go-Go campaign for a local comedy festival. Now, I absolutely and unequivocally ADORE stand up comedy. I like sketch and improv as well, but something about stand up is just … perfect. So I thought, what the hell! I’m gonna support this local thing and then check it out.

Holy. Shit. Guys.

I attended three nights of the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival this past weekend and it was fantastic. So prepare yourself for a large blog post, with lots of pictures and links. Then in my bossiest and bitchiest way with the most love ever I will command you to GO FIND THESE PEOPLE! Follow them. Support them. Watch them. Buy their shit. Because they are funny and kind and just awesome people.

First of all I need to take a moment to slap myself upside the head for not realizing that there was so much amazing comedy here in Columbus. I mean really. There are a million and a half things to do in this freaking city, why did it never occur to me to seek this out? So I’m super thankful that the social media Gods led me to this because now these people are gonna never see the end of me. I’m gonna fangirl all over them, but not in a creepy murdery kind of way. Unless I never win a prize bag at Whiskey Deep. Then shit might go down.

This review/recep/whatever is going to have zero flow or organization to it.

So, sorry not sorry.IMG_20160514_204629-01

Erik Tait – I’m starting with Erik because I have him to thank for turning me on to all of this to begin with. I laugh out loud at his tweets on a daily basis, so to get to see him live was fantastic. He’s a super funny guy with a pretty damn epic beard as well. And he can rock some Spiderman undies, complete with ass cape.

IMG_20160512_202258-01Brooke Cartus – I am hard pressed to find an actual favorite from the weekend but this girl is pretty damn close. She is completely and utterly inappropriate, downright fucking dirty, and as I tweeted … I think she is my spirit animal. Totally twisted and still perfectly fabulous. Adore her.IMG_20160515_220304-01

Holly Lynnea – another favorite of mine from the weekend. So hysterical and so damn beautiful! She held her whiskey and took zero shit from the boys at the Whiskey Deep Podcast taping. Seriously. Funny.

Tom Plute – Now, the fact that he looks a hell of a lot like Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth notwithstanding, I think I developed a bit of a crush on Tom over this weekend. (In all honesty, I developed a crush on just about everyone I saw – including Brooke, Holly and the other hysterical women on stage). But Tom is totally adorkable, and hosts an amazing podcast, which is just an awesome bonus. Also – he was one of the Festival Organizers. So major props for that.

Tom hosts a podcast called Whiskey Deep with Tom Plute, that seems to be loosely based on one of my favorites (Doug Loves Movies) and they did a live taping during the festival and HOLY SHIT it was amazing. So much whiskey was consumed and all control of the situation was lost. It was a beautiful and fantastic hot mess and I can’t wait until the next one.


Sam Gordon – Another amazingly funny woman. Sam’s from Chicago which is way too far, so I’ll be watching for when she comes back this way again. IMG_20160515_224939-01Any of my Chicago peeps – go check her out. She’s fantastic.

David Zoe Leon – There really aren’t even words to adequately describe this giant man child. He made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. So much energy and innocence and hilarity in one mustachioed body.  Amazing.

IMG_20160515_221157-01 (1)Hunter Roberts – He’s just an adorable and hysterical little ball of Southern charm. I totally agree with Holly, just wanna pick him up and put him in my pocket. IMG_20160515_223103-01

Alex Stypula – Ignore the porn-stache – he’s damn funny. And he’s coming back to Columbus in June. Definitely don’t want to miss that!

IMG_20160515_203116-01Setoiyo – As much as Holly can hold her whiskey …
Setoiyo can NOT. He is, however, very funny and very sweet. Super nice guy for sure.

Dave Burkey – Not only does Dave do a kick ass Fred Durst – he’s pretty darn funny too. Happy he’s a local guy so I can see more of him. IMG_20160515_214226-01

IMG_20160512_204053-01Now that this has the longest and most rambling post I’ve ever written, I’m going to recap. No, wait, I’m going to sum up.

There were SO MANY amazing people! IMG_20160515_215414-01Check out the Performers List from the Festival web page to see info on all of the comics. I didn’t even
come close to seeing everyone. Special shout out to Dustin Meadows and Lisa Berry for, along with Tom, organizing the IMG_20160515_201738-01Festival.

Now for the list of comics I saw, with links, as well as the rest of the pictures
IMG_20160515_204552-01I have. Seriously, check these folks out. Support them. They work their asses off to make us laugh and they do a damn good job at it. You better believe I’ll be checking them out as IMG_20160512_203021-01much as I can here in Columbus
and I’ll be dragging any of my friends I can along with me.

Georgia Barnes (OSU Student – Go Bucks!), Keith Bergman, Conor Cawley, Matthew Chadourne, Jon IMG_20160515_214608-01Durnell, Rachel Fogletto (So many kick ass women), IMG_20160515_222119-01 Blain Hill (another adorable man child), Jeff Horste, Brian Kenny, Dan Loper, Joshua Morrow (loved this guy), Josh O’Neill, Andrew Rudick (Pretty great Vanilla Ice … I mean … Strawberry Ice IMG_20160515_223925-01impression!), Chris Siemer, Stryker Spurlock (winner of the Most Epic Name Award), Mike Szar, Jerry Tran, Remi Treuer

Long live comedy.


Getting Dirty

A couple of weeks ago I went for my first honest-to-goodness trail run … and it was AWESOME! There is a great trail at Alum Creek State Park – The Rocks and Roots Trail. If you want to give trail running a shot or even just take a nice walk in the woods, check it out!

0.3 - trail



It reminded me very much of where I grew up and spent my summer evenings and weekends. We had a house, quite literally, in the woods and my back yard was a large area with a huge ravine, creek, waterfall, trails, critters, mud and so much fun.

0.6 - trail


I spent countless hours out in the woods, both by myself and with my friends. It was the most wonderful place and being back in that kind of environment was simply fantastic. I got muddy and wet and had an amazing workout.

0.4 - trail


Of course I took lots of pictures, as I tend to do. All of them were taken with my phone, so the quality isn’t great, but every turn brought back more and more memories and I just couldn’t not capture them.

0.5 - trail

Life and weather has prevented me from getting back out there, so I’m counting the days until I can go again. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time on these trails. And I can’t wait.

0.2 - trail

Round ‘Em Up Let’s Go

I’ve mentioned countless times on various platforms that music is very important in my life and in particular, the lyric. I am a lover of words and a good lyric can cut right into your soul and speak directly to the very emotion that you are either trying to embrace or attempting to ignore. A good lyric can shake you to your core.

“They don’t know where we’ve been. We got that concrete street skin.”

A song speaking to me these days is “State of My Head” by Shinedown.

“Yeah, I’m full of deep cuts right down to the marrow, but there’s no doubt we’ll get out from the bottom of the barrel.”

It speaks to digging in when things are shitty and pushing through. It speaks to not giving up because the ultimate reward waits at the end of the battle. It speaks to being strong when others would not.

“Oh, our flag is tattered and our bones are shattered but it doesn’t matter ’cause we’re moving forward.”

It reminds me that the hardest battles are also the dirtiest and the reward is so very worth it.

“I’m not speakin’ under my breath, ’cause the harder you push the rougher I get. ‘Cause I’m not shaken when the earth starts quakin’. Got my own foundation with no hesitation.”

Happy Birthday To Me

It’s been a few weeks now, but on my birthday weekend this year, my chorus won another Regional Championship and will be representing our Region at the International Competition in Las Vegas in the fall of 2017. So exciting. We won with a record breaking score, the highest ever achieved at our Region and tied for the 7th highest ever at any Region. Super exciting.

Here’s a video of the performance. Enjoy!!