Free To A Good Home #37

I’m bringing back an old running photo series I had on my blog a couple of versions ago. It’s called:  “Free to a Good Home (aka: You Can’t Give This Shit Away).”

I’ve come to realize that every office environment has the place where people dump shit they don’t want in the hopes that someone else will take it away. In my current office, it is in our main kitchen area. And all manner of items will end up there. I feel the need to take pictures of these things. Sometimes they are perfectly reasonable items. Sometimes not so much. So, enjoy the journey through the crap my co-workers don’t want anymore.

Free To A Good Home #37: Half a Danish


Whiskey, Golf, Beer and Laughter

1460230_10151789528422747_874297931_nWhen I think of my dad, those are the four things I think of right off the bat. Four of his favorite things. And lucky for him, he could pretty much do all four of them at the same time.

Other things I think of when I think of my dad?

Jigsaw puzzles. Goodness he loved those things. There was ALWAYS one in progress on his coffee table. There in the middle, between the partially full ashtrays, and empty beer cans, always a jigsaw puzzle in some state of IMG_20160618_190615-01togetherness. He’d finish one and start another right away.

Darts. Dad taught me to play darts. We played together in a league in what used to be the best dive bar in town. Every week, drinking Stroh’s and
playing darts. Some of the best times I had were in that crappy and beautiful bar with my dad.

When I did the math this year, I found that in November it will be 16 years 13418683_1018478621566409_4350477012410850950_nsince he passed. 16 fucking years. That seemed like such a giant number to me, because it still seems like just yesterday. When you lose a family member or loved one, you get all that cliched advice. Time heals. It gets better. Blah, blah, blah. But you know what ….

It really doesn’t. It doesn’t heal. It might get easier on some days, but it’s never better. He is gone and never coming back. That is not changing. It will be a shitty I deal with on the regular thing for the rest of my life.

On a daily basis something will happen and I will wish he were here to share it with. I will laugh at something and 13427993_10153640819272747_5962788532013917099_nthink about how hysterical he would have found it. I drink some amazing craft beers and wonder, despite his predilection to Stroh’s, which styles he’d like and which he wouldn’t. I see him in my son. In his amazingly high-level smart-assed-ness and and pro-level sense of humor. I see his giant heart in my daughter. I 13450888_10153643663792747_5045113504424418593_nthink the only person ever to exist with a heart bigger than hers was my dad.

I’m at a point in my life where it would be really great to have him around … and that made this particular Father’s Day a little tougher than the others up to now. I spent the day bar hopping and day drinking and ended up in my current favorite dive bar, drinking a Stroh’s with a Jameson neat to go with it. In honor of Dad.

I miss you Dad! Life is kinda rough right now, so I’m going to power IMG_20160618_190556-01through, like you always did. I’m going to try to laugh more. Play more golf. Find all the best dive bars and play darts in all of them. Drink a Stroh’s every now and then. And laugh. A lot.


It’s A Happy Song!

I haven’t publicly obsessed on a song in a while, so here we go.

One of my current favorites is “Happy Song” by Bring The Horizon

It’s a song that has an optimistic message without musically sounding like an optimistic song. I like that in a song. It’s a little sneaky that way.

From the cheerleader opening …

S.P.I.R.I.T! Spirit! Let’s hear it!

To the “cheer the fuck up” message …

The world has coalesced into one giant mess of hate and unrest. So let’s all sing along a little God damn louder to a happy song and pretend it’s all okay.

To the “doesn’t that feel better” at the end.

Let’s sing along a little fucking louder. Well, don’t you feel so much better?

It is a song about the darkness in the world, and how it may impact us in many ways, sometimes just singing out loud can make it all better.  I know it helps me.



What I Did Today

  1. Didn’t want to get out of bed
  2. Argued with brain about all the shit you could be doing right now
  3. Lost argument and stayed in bed another hour
  4. Received texts from other humans who were awake and doing things
  5. Gave in to internal guilt and got out of bed
  6. Made coffee
  7. Made eggs while drinking coffee
  8. Made more coffee
  9. Ate eggs while drinking coffee
  10. Made more coffee
  11. Started watching Louie on Netflix
  12. Made more coffee
  13. Opened Pinterest
  14. Lost 9 hours
  15. Went to bed

Super fucking productive day.