A Thing I Like To Do

So, I found myself with some time to kill today and an absolutely beautiful day. I decided that it had been WAAAAY too long since I had taken a picture of anything for not other reason than I just like taking pictures of things.

I went to a local park here in Columbus, Inniswood Metro Gardens. It is an absolutely beautiful park and I clearly was not the only amateur or professional photographer with this idea. There were probably 30 or so people wandering the grounds with cameras. Lots of families having photos taken in front of some of the most gorgeous tulips I’ve ever seen.

I walked around the park and truthfully there were just too many people there. I did manage to get a few shots, although I was using a camera I have not used before, so they aren’t really good shots. But it was fun to be out doing it again.

Here is what is hopefully the first in a series of my photography. Enjoy!



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