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Ya know, I love social media. I know I’m a middle aged mom and my large social media presence most assuredly infuriates my children, but I really don’t care, because I love the community you can build and find on social media.

I just had a most amazing weekend and I owe it all to Twitter.

A while back I started following this local comedian, Erik Tait, and let me tell you, just on Twitter he is damn funny. Then one day, he tweeted a link to an Indie-Go-Go campaign for a local comedy festival. Now, I absolutely and unequivocally ADORE stand up comedy. I like sketch and improv as well, but something about stand up is just … perfect. So I thought, what the hell! I’m gonna support this local thing and then check it out.

Holy. Shit. Guys.

I attended three nights of the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival this past weekend and it was fantastic. So prepare yourself for a large blog post, with lots of pictures and links. Then in my bossiest and bitchiest way with the most love ever I will command you to GO FIND THESE PEOPLE! Follow them. Support them. Watch them. Buy their shit. Because they are funny and kind and just awesome people.

First of all I need to take a moment to slap myself upside the head for not realizing that there was so much amazing comedy here in Columbus. I mean really. There are a million and a half things to do in this freaking city, why did it never occur to me to seek this out? So I’m super thankful that the social media Gods led me to this because now these people are gonna never see the end of me. I’m gonna fangirl all over them, but not in a creepy murdery kind of way. Unless I never win a prize bag at Whiskey Deep. Then shit might go down.

This review/recep/whatever is going to have zero flow or organization to it.

So, sorry not sorry.IMG_20160514_204629-01

Erik Tait – I’m starting with Erik because I have him to thank for turning me on to all of this to begin with. I laugh out loud at his tweets on a daily basis, so to get to see him live was fantastic. He’s a super funny guy with a pretty damn epic beard as well. And he can rock some Spiderman undies, complete with ass cape.

IMG_20160512_202258-01Brooke Cartus – I am hard pressed to find an actual favorite from the weekend but this girl is pretty damn close. She is completely and utterly inappropriate, downright fucking dirty, and as I tweeted … I think she is my spirit animal. Totally twisted and still perfectly fabulous. Adore her.IMG_20160515_220304-01

Holly Lynnea – another favorite of mine from the weekend. So hysterical and so damn beautiful! She held her whiskey and took zero shit from the boys at the Whiskey Deep Podcast taping. Seriously. Funny.

Tom Plute – Now, the fact that he looks a hell of a lot like Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth notwithstanding, I think I developed a bit of a crush on Tom over this weekend. (In all honesty, I developed a crush on just about everyone I saw – including Brooke, Holly and the other hysterical women on stage). But Tom is totally adorkable, and hosts an amazing podcast, which is just an awesome bonus. Also – he was one of the Festival Organizers. So major props for that.

Tom hosts a podcast called Whiskey Deep with Tom Plute, that seems to be loosely based on one of my favorites (Doug Loves Movies) and they did a live taping during the festival and HOLY SHIT it was amazing. So much whiskey was consumed and all control of the situation was lost. It was a beautiful and fantastic hot mess and I can’t wait until the next one.


Sam Gordon – Another amazingly funny woman. Sam’s from Chicago which is way too far, so I’ll be watching for when she comes back this way again. IMG_20160515_224939-01Any of my Chicago peeps – go check her out. She’s fantastic.

David Zoe Leon – There really aren’t even words to adequately describe this giant man child. He made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. So much energy and innocence and hilarity in one mustachioed body.  Amazing.

IMG_20160515_221157-01 (1)Hunter Roberts – He’s just an adorable and hysterical little ball of Southern charm. I totally agree with Holly, just wanna pick him up and put him in my pocket. IMG_20160515_223103-01

Alex Stypula – Ignore the porn-stache – he’s damn funny. And he’s coming back to Columbus in June. Definitely don’t want to miss that!

IMG_20160515_203116-01Setoiyo – As much as Holly can hold her whiskey …
Setoiyo can NOT. He is, however, very funny and very sweet. Super nice guy for sure.

Dave Burkey – Not only does Dave do a kick ass Fred Durst – he’s pretty darn funny too. Happy he’s a local guy so I can see more of him. IMG_20160515_214226-01

IMG_20160512_204053-01Now that this has the longest and most rambling post I’ve ever written, I’m going to recap. No, wait, I’m going to sum up.

There were SO MANY amazing people! IMG_20160515_215414-01Check out the Performers List from the Festival web page to see info on all of the comics. I didn’t even
come close to seeing everyone. Special shout out to Dustin Meadows and Lisa Berry for, along with Tom, organizing the IMG_20160515_201738-01Festival.

Now for the list of comics I saw, with links, as well as the rest of the pictures
IMG_20160515_204552-01I have. Seriously, check these folks out. Support them. They work their asses off to make us laugh and they do a damn good job at it. You better believe I’ll be checking them out as IMG_20160512_203021-01much as I can here in Columbus
and I’ll be dragging any of my friends I can along with me.

Georgia Barnes (OSU Student – Go Bucks!), Keith Bergman, Conor Cawley, Matthew Chadourne, Jon IMG_20160515_214608-01Durnell, Rachel Fogletto (So many kick ass women), IMG_20160515_222119-01 Blain Hill (another adorable man child), Jeff Horste, Brian Kenny, Dan Loper, Joshua Morrow (loved this guy), Josh O’Neill, Andrew Rudick (Pretty great Vanilla Ice … I mean … Strawberry Ice IMG_20160515_223925-01impression!), Chris Siemer, Stryker Spurlock (winner of the Most Epic Name Award), Mike Szar, Jerry Tran, Remi Treuer

Long live comedy.


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