BuJo: November 2016

I’m still enjoying this Bullet Journal thing. I had a few days in late October that I kind of didn’t touch it much .. but I’m keeping my promise to myself to let it go and move on. Now we are in a new month, so I tried a new Month View layout for November.


It’s still not finished .. not sure what I’m going to fill in the blank spaces with. I’m hoping to get some graphite paper and do some tracings, maybe put some cute stuff in there. If I can come up with some goals, they may go in as well.  Or just a nice quote or something. Who knows.

I did a new style of Habit Tracker for November as well.


I decided to add more things to track, I didn’t do well on tracking much of anything last month, and my thought process is that if I track a wide variety of achievable things, it will make me feel better about how I’m doing. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also found a Daily Layout I like quite a bit.


I started out putting labels on my boxes but have decided that, other than the Daily Tasks and Events and the box I use for my trackers, I’m going to leave them blank and fill with whatever moves me that day. I usually have one quote or thought I stick into one of them. Sometimes one of them is my “Chuck It In The Fuck Bucket” box. Leaving them un-named gives me the permission to make it whatever I want. I’m all about no pressure.

I also have a tracker type page: a Weight Loss Map


I’ve both plateaued in my weight loss and fallen off the “regular exercise” wagon, so I’m hoping this will help motivate me to color in these boxes and get down to my goal weight. It’s not finished yet, going to trace some fun stuff on here, hopefully.

Next Up: I want to find a Running Log that I like. I’ve seen a few examples but nothing that really speaks to me. So that is my current project. Either find something I love or make my own.

Happy Journaling!!


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