Bullet Journal – My First Set Up

It has been a few days now of me doing this Bullet Journal thing and I think I’m kinda digging it!  I’m trying to keep it simple, so I don’t overwhelm myself and stop before I really get started, which is so
mething I am very apt to do. But I’m ready to show the world my first few pages. Here goes nothing!

Monthly Log: October 2016img_20160930_201451-01

This is super simple, because I’m not sure how I want my month pages to look yet. Again, trying not to put too much pressure on myself to make it “perfect” … just functional. I did manage to draw a pumpkin though. So there’s that.

Daily Layouts:


I’m doing a full page per day at this point, mostly because that is what I’m used to with my work planner. This is subject to change as I go, depending on what I end up tracking on a daily basis.


Right now I’m tracking my water intake on my daily page and (not shown here) my daily expenses, if I have them. I’m doing a “No Spend” tracker for the month as well (more on that later)- but wanted a breakdown of expenses so I can try to budget better


I’m also leaving space for a Daily Gratitude entry and trying to make sure I do some sort of self care every day, even if it is just sitting in bed for an extra 15 minutes in the morning playing Candy Crush on my phone. Need to make this a habit and hope this helps.

Habit Trackers


They say to start small with these so you don’t get overwhelmed, so I started with three that I think are things I really need to focus on. Exercising, Spending, and a better Morning Routine. We’ll see how this goes.

Collections – Book Log


At this point my only Collection is logging the books I’ve read from October – December of 2016. I’m acutally really, really happy with this page. It gives me hope that this BuJo thing is something I’m going to enjoy doing AND enjoy looking at.

Next Up: I’ve worked ahead on a few daily layouts and am in the planning stages of a Collection / Tracker for the TV Shows I’m currently watching. I’m hoping to continue to keep it simple and not try to add too much too soon. But, so far so good!

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