Bullet Journal – 2017 Check In

Since we are about half way through the year, I thought I’d toss up some photos of what I’ve been doing with my Bullet Journal this year. I’ve been trying some new things and settling in on layouts I love and for the most part have been doing a pretty good job of keeping on top of it all.  I have had a few days a couple different times where I didn’t even touch it for days in a row. But, in the spirit of the Bullet Journal idea, I let that shit go and moved on.

Monthly Layout:  

This has been my montly layout all year so far and I really like it. Interesting but not super difficult to throw together. Some months I’ve added a doodle, most months I’ve colored in the boxes. I use these pages probably the least of all of them, but I like tossing them in just for continuity sake. Plus they are kind of fun to do. It also allows me to take a minute to wrap my head around what major things are coming up in the next month. I try to use this for birthdays and holidays and other similar important dates. I also put any major events or trips on my month view. Some months are busier than others. April, for example, probably had the most “stuff” on it of all of the months so far.

Daily Layout:

These are my workhorse pages. I have settled on a layout I really like and have tweaked it a bit as the year has progressed. Again, most days are pretty spartan as far as decoration go. I color them all in but don’t doodle nearly as much as I first did. Some days I will doodle. Some days I will put in a quote I really like. Some days I don’t do anything. Every day I track my water, so that box is on all of the pages. I did mood tracking (see below) a few months and that box is there during those time periods. I like to jot down my “daily trackers” on each daily page becuase I don’t always remember to go and fill in the little boxes on my tracker page (see below) every single day. I’ll take a day and go back and catch up and this box is very necessary, as my old ass brain can’t remember what it did last week any more.  I have played around with tracking food intake, sleep times, spending, exercise types, etc.  I kind of leave a large portion of the bottom of my daily page blank so I can put whatever I feel like in there.

Monthly Tracker Page:

Every month I choose a variety of things to track, in an effort to hold myself accountable for … something.  Whether it be water intake, exercise, meeting my step goal, not spending as much money, having some good “me time,” the list goes on and on. For the most part, every month this year has had the same things on it. I haven’t really taken a moment to go back to compare to see if I’m improving on anything, really. But I’m sure at some point it will be nice to do that. Going back to my main focus with this journal – don’t stress over it – I just try to keep track and then let it go. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try better tomorrow.

Mood Tracker:

This was my most involved mood tracker and took a long time to set up, so I won’t be doing this every month. But it was fun. I came up with a list of moods to track, assigned each mood a color, and kept track for the month, then filled in another circle with that day’s mood color to complete the coloring of the mandala. I followed the basic idea of Kara at Boho Berry and it turned out pretty good for my first try. She has a great video HERE to show how she set hers up. She is a great source of inspiration, so check her out! She has another “Circular Mood Tracker” that I may tackle next.

I’ll write a seperate post about my mood trackers and what I actually track, as well as my new tracker I’m trying for June. There are a TON of ideas out there on how to do this and June is only the third month I’ve attempted it. Again, I have not really gone back to compare or “analyze” my moods, but at some point I will do that.

Reading / Book Tracker:

Early in the year I set up my little “bookshelf” to keep track of the books I read this year. Looking at this now I am not reading as much as I’d like to. I better get on that. I either am not reading very much, or I grossly overanticipated how much reading I’d be doing this year.  Lol.

 My Journal:

To start 2017 I splurged on the Leuchtturm1917 notebook and I LOVE it. Totally worth it. In fact I’ve nearly filled this one and will be ordering a new one to finish out the year. I also “decorated” my journal this time, with some stickers I grabbed at Michaels. Honestly, it’s a little too uneven and unorganized for my little OCD brain to take, but the theme of the stickers was this whole Bohemian thing, so I kind of went for it and am forcing myself to accept that it’s a little messy and that is 100% okay.  The whole reason I started Bullet Journaling is to try to encourage myself to accept more messyness into my life. Things are not always perfect and that is okay. I’m the girl that came home from college and re-wrote my notes so they were “neat” and if I messed up (in my mind) on the page, I’d rip it out and start over. It was problem and I’m working to better accept imperfections in my life. I have a few pages that are total failures. I have a page or two that I simply crossed out and tried again on the next page. And I left that sucker in there. I didn’t tear it out and remove it from my sight. It’s there, in all it’s imperfection, as a reminder that shit happens and life goes on. Yes, I messed up that page, but look over here at all the boxes I colored in on my tracker that one day. It was a good day. I feel like it is helping me, a little. Baby steps right!

Do any of you use a Bullet Journal? Do you have a favorite layout or page or journal you use? Favorite pens or pencils or markers? I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration!! Share in the comments!!

November Check In

* NaBloPoMo: Day 16 *

Since we are halfway through November (WTF?) I thought I might do a check in on my Bullet Journal Habit Tracker for the month and see how I’m doing. Turns out I kind of surprised myself. And then again I didn’t surprise myself at all.



The Break Downs:

No Spend / Eat At Home:  I’m doing a lot better at not eating out and not spending money than I thought I would. Partially because it’s written down and partially because I have no money to spend .But still, I’m happy to see so many of those little boxes colored in. Now to improve on that one.

Blog Posting / Instagram Posting:  The blog posting side of this is tremendously effected by NaBloPoMo for sure, but I’m hoping that a month of posting daily (or as close to it as I can) will help me stick with it. I’ll be keeping this on my tracker for sure. The Instagram is also a bit of a happy surprise. I so enjoy photography and need to do more of it. Some of my Instagram posts are pretty lame but hey, it’s a start.

facebook-787277No Alcohol:  This is improving as the month goes on, primarily due to lack of funds to purchase said alcohol. But I do love my craft beer. It’s a problem. I mean, I’m not getting shit faced in my house every night, but I do like to have a beer in the evenings. But for health and financial reasons this would be a good thing to cut back on. #workingonit
Exercise: Jesus I suck at this. time-spent-when-you-cant-sleep

Asleep by 10:30 / Awake by 6:00: I’m doing better about getting up in the morning but not about getting to bed at a decent time. My problem is that I try to hold my self to the “Asleep” part of it and I could go lay down in bed at 9:30 and still not be asleep by 10:30. Not without alcohol and/or medication that is. And even that doesn’t help sometimes. I may drop the “In Bed By” portion of this tracking next month and just focus on getting up when I want to. My rationalization is that if I make it a habit to get up early enough I will start exercising in the morning. You can see how well that is working out for me.

Hydrate: I’m trying to hydrate at least 75 oz a day (half my body weight) and some days I do really, really well. Others (obviously) I do not. Now, I don’t count coffee in my hydration and technically I could probably add at least one or two cups of water from the amount of coffee I drink. But I’m trying to be strict with myself on this one.

Reading: This just makes me sad because I want to read all the time, but I find myself just … not. I am however, crocheting again. So I may add that as a tracker next month, in addition to reading, and hopefully will do at least one or the other daily.  That is probably much more achievable.

So far it’s going pretty well. I addition to this overall tracker page, I have space on each daily page to keep track of the things I do each day, so I can go back and fill in my boxes. For me … seeing it written down is a big motivator. No one but me and maybe one or two other people ever see this thing … but still. It helps me be accountable to myself if I write it down. The days I don’t have a decent list in my “Track It” box make me sad.

What about you? If you Bullet Journal, do your trackers actually help you improve areas of your life you are trying to improve? What works and what doesn’t? What are some of your favorite things to track? I’m fairly pleased with my progress this month. And I am getting a good idea of what I will track next month and what I won’t. I have a couple of ideas of new things to track as well. And as always, I’m constantly on the lookout for fun page layouts, so I welcome any suggestions!

Happy Journaling!!

BuJo: November 2016

I’m still enjoying this Bullet Journal thing. I had a few days in late October that I kind of didn’t touch it much .. but I’m keeping my promise to myself to let it go and move on. Now we are in a new month, so I tried a new Month View layout for November.


It’s still not finished .. not sure what I’m going to fill in the blank spaces with. I’m hoping to get some graphite paper and do some tracings, maybe put some cute stuff in there. If I can come up with some goals, they may go in as well.  Or just a nice quote or something. Who knows.

I did a new style of Habit Tracker for November as well.


I decided to add more things to track, I didn’t do well on tracking much of anything last month, and my thought process is that if I track a wide variety of achievable things, it will make me feel better about how I’m doing. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also found a Daily Layout I like quite a bit.


I started out putting labels on my boxes but have decided that, other than the Daily Tasks and Events and the box I use for my trackers, I’m going to leave them blank and fill with whatever moves me that day. I usually have one quote or thought I stick into one of them. Sometimes one of them is my “Chuck It In The Fuck Bucket” box. Leaving them un-named gives me the permission to make it whatever I want. I’m all about no pressure.

I also have a tracker type page: a Weight Loss Map


I’ve both plateaued in my weight loss and fallen off the “regular exercise” wagon, so I’m hoping this will help motivate me to color in these boxes and get down to my goal weight. It’s not finished yet, going to trace some fun stuff on here, hopefully.

Next Up: I want to find a Running Log that I like. I’ve seen a few examples but nothing that really speaks to me. So that is my current project. Either find something I love or make my own.

Happy Journaling!!


BuJo: TV Tracker

I’m pretty happy with how my first big two-page tracker layout turned out! It’s a TV Tracker … and I’m using it to track current television shows I’m watching. Yes I know … Captain Obvious.  img_20161006_102436-01

I have some space to add more shows if I stumble upon anything else I want to watch this season.

Needless to say … I’m really digging this bullet journal thing.

Next up: a tracker for any shows I’m currently binge watching and a new daily layout I tried.




Bullet Journal – My First Set Up

It has been a few days now of me doing this Bullet Journal thing and I think I’m kinda digging it!  I’m trying to keep it simple, so I don’t overwhelm myself and stop before I really get started, which is so
mething I am very apt to do. But I’m ready to show the world my first few pages. Here goes nothing!

Monthly Log: October 2016img_20160930_201451-01

This is super simple, because I’m not sure how I want my month pages to look yet. Again, trying not to put too much pressure on myself to make it “perfect” … just functional. I did manage to draw a pumpkin though. So there’s that.

Daily Layouts:


I’m doing a full page per day at this point, mostly because that is what I’m used to with my work planner. This is subject to change as I go, depending on what I end up tracking on a daily basis.


Right now I’m tracking my water intake on my daily page and (not shown here) my daily expenses, if I have them. I’m doing a “No Spend” tracker for the month as well (more on that later)- but wanted a breakdown of expenses so I can try to budget better


I’m also leaving space for a Daily Gratitude entry and trying to make sure I do some sort of self care every day, even if it is just sitting in bed for an extra 15 minutes in the morning playing Candy Crush on my phone. Need to make this a habit and hope this helps.

Habit Trackers


They say to start small with these so you don’t get overwhelmed, so I started with three that I think are things I really need to focus on. Exercising, Spending, and a better Morning Routine. We’ll see how this goes.

Collections – Book Log


At this point my only Collection is logging the books I’ve read from October – December of 2016. I’m acutally really, really happy with this page. It gives me hope that this BuJo thing is something I’m going to enjoy doing AND enjoy looking at.

Next Up: I’ve worked ahead on a few daily layouts and am in the planning stages of a Collection / Tracker for the TV Shows I’m currently watching. I’m hoping to continue to keep it simple and not try to add too much too soon. But, so far so good!

An Exercise in Patience

aka: That Time Kim Tried Bullet Journaling and Fought Desperately Against The Urge To Burn It All And Start Over. At Least Four Times.

I like to say I have Situational OCD. There are some situations where a little clutter or mess really doesn’t bother me too much. And there there are things that I just cannot abide. Anything that I handwrite is one of those things. I can’t even begin to count the number of times, during my time in college where I would start taking notes and then either rip out the page and start over (multiple times) or come home and completely re-write them until they looked pristine. It’s a serious problem. Something I really do try to work on, but I usually will toss the page and start over. I know White-Out exists, in fact, the little White Out Tape Machine on my desk is my best friend.

So, the fact that I’m going to try and tackle a Bullet Journal seems, in the deep corners of my mind, like some kind of heinous self-torture. I mean, this thing is in ink. And color. And holy Jesus what am I doing to myself. But the more I researched it (yes, I researched it … for weeks and weeks now), I came to realize that part of the beauty of the Bullet Journal is that you make it up as you go. It’s part organizer, part planner, part brain dump, part creative outlet, part goal tracker, and on and on. I’m only using mine for personal stuff, I have way too many work tasks on a daily basis to even attempt it for that, but getting my personal stuff (chorus work, writing, household stuff, etc) in order and doing some goal tracking and habit forming, seems like something I can try and take on. So into the breach I go. Lord help me.

You may be wondering, Kim, what the flock is a Bullet Journal? Well, I wondered the same thing for a while. I had heard about them and saw things floating around on Pinterest, so I jumped in and did some reading about them. The “creator” of the idea is a dude named Ryder Carroll. He’s a digital design guy from New York. The BuJo (yes, I know) is an analog organization system. In a world where technology is king, I’m a lover of reading an actual book and writing with pen and paper, so call me old fashioned, but this seemed very interesting to me because of that. It utilized Rapid Logging to track tasks and events and whatever else you want to track. It is infinitely customizable and can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. You can read all about it on the original Bullet Journal page, and I encourage you to do so. Great basic information and the best starting place if you want to know what it’s all about.

I’m trying to keep my set up simple to start, I clearly need to invest in a really good eraser, as I’m doing it all in pencil first, because I’m partially bonkers about this stuff. I figure I will try to get into the habit of daily logging first and then I’ll try to get fancy.

My Basic Supplies:

I got myself a decent and not too expensive journal, the Essentials Grid Lined A5. It’s basic black, has decent grid lines, not too dark, and I think I’m gonna like it.

I’m using some pens and pencils I already had, being an Office Supply Addict and Hoarder helped in that respect. My main pen is a black Pilot Precise V5. It’s the pen I already use at work and I like it, although there is a bit too much bleed through in my journal, so I may try using more pencil and see if I like that any better. I also have some Pilot Precise V5 colored roller ball pens that I really like, but again, the bleed through may be an issue. Once I get a little further in I’ll have to decide for sure. But since I’m trying to do this on the cheap, I’m going with what I have for now.

I am using the good old-fashioned and very basic Crayola Colored Pencils at this point, because until I really know how I’m going to do this, I don’t plan to spend any more money than absolutely necessary.

My Supply Wish List:

Having spent the good part of one whole day “actually” writing in my journal, and endless hours researching layouts and ideas and suggestions and samples, I do have a decent idea of a few things I think I do want to spend money on at some point.

I’d like to get a nice metal ruler for my lines. I’d like to explore some other pen options, just to see if I can find something with less bleed-through. I may try to dabble in some graphite paper for tracing fun things on my pages. I enjoy the whole Adult Coloring Book thing and I think that might be fun.

This Will Be Good For Me … Right?

My end game in this whole thing multi-fold. I’d like to make myself lighten up with regards to my penmanship needing to be perfect all the time. I’d like to release some of my inner creative. I know it’s there but that stupid OCD part of me when it comes to putting pen or pencil to paper makes me stop before I really get started. I’m hoping to use the habit tracker pages to get into some better habits and make some significant changes in my life, in the way of my health and mental well being mostly, as well as self care and doing more creating of things. Be that writing or other crafty type stuff. I’ve been saying for a while now that 2016 is The Year Of Kim and this is just another attempt at me trying to find myself and trying to encourage myself to be the best me I can be. Sounds totally corny and super cheesy … but it is what it is friend. This year is the beginning of some serious self-discovery for me. I’m about to BuJo all over this bitch.

PS: I’m hoping this is the first in a series. I have a couple more pages I want to set up and then I plan to post some photos of my first few pages. BuJo Herewego!