Here’s a Quarter

I survived my first “Quarter Marathon” this weekend. And I’m pretty damn proud of it, not gonna lie.

When I started running again, a year-ish ago, it was literally an attempt to run away from my problems. It has turned into something that I just really like doing. It has helped me drop close to 40 pounds now, and it makes me feel … well … powerful. And strong. I decided a few months in that I’d like to try to increase my distance and see just how far I could push myself. After running a handful of 5K races this year, I signed up for the New Moon Quarter Marathon. Which is also a Half-Half. Which is also a 10K. Which is 6.55 miles American.



Everyone knows the best part of the race is the swag. Pretty sweet medal for this one. And it glows in the dark!


I finished with a respectable time of 1:07:11 – right smack in the middle and with probably my best pace ever in a race. Which is surprising to me, considering I was uncertain towards the end if I would even survive.

race certificateBut, survive I did, even though at somewhere between mile 5 and mile 6 I got passed by a pregnant lady. Like a 7 to 8 month pregnant lady. A real nice kick in the balls of my self esteem right there.

But I finished. I didn’t walk at any point. And I felt amazing afterwards. I felt like I got hit by a truck, but it was a trucIMG_20160521_192401-01k full of awesomeness and rainbows and unicorn farts, which we all know are primarily made of confetti and sunshine.  So yeah – I felt great.

Also – the best beer I ever tasted! It’s amazing what running 6.55 miles will do to a ShockTop.


Getting Dirty

A couple of weeks ago I went for my first honest-to-goodness trail run … and it was AWESOME! There is a great trail at Alum Creek State Park – The Rocks and Roots Trail. If you want to give trail running a shot or even just take a nice walk in the woods, check it out!

0.3 - trail



It reminded me very much of where I grew up and spent my summer evenings and weekends. We had a house, quite literally, in the woods and my back yard was a large area with a huge ravine, creek, waterfall, trails, critters, mud and so much fun.

0.6 - trail


I spent countless hours out in the woods, both by myself and with my friends. It was the most wonderful place and being back in that kind of environment was simply fantastic. I got muddy and wet and had an amazing workout.

0.4 - trail


Of course I took lots of pictures, as I tend to do. All of them were taken with my phone, so the quality isn’t great, but every turn brought back more and more memories and I just couldn’t not capture them.

0.5 - trail

Life and weather has prevented me from getting back out there, so I’m counting the days until I can go again. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time on these trails. And I can’t wait.

0.2 - trail