Favorite Moments in Time and Space: Part 4

As much as I loved David Tennant as Ten, I adore Matt Smith as Eleven for totally different reasons. Where Ten was more smoldering and sexy, Eleven is more goofy and nerdy. We see early on, as he meets the young Amelia Pond and tries to figure out how his tastes changed during regeneration:

We also find that like all the other Doctors, he is kind. The episode Vincent and the Doctor shows that, in the very sweet ending scene where he brings a depressed and self-doubting Vincent Van Gogh to a modern day art gallery, and leaves us with the amazing words: “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

He shows us the sad side of the doctor in the episode The Doctor’s Wife where he meets the human incarnation of The TARDIS and then has to say goodbye while saying hello. All these hundreds of years of traveling time and space with the TARDIS only to meet her and immediately lose her.

We also see that for all the nerdy, goofy, sweetness … there is also that kick ass Doctor who takes no shit. One thing Smith can do is deliver an epic speech:

And a not so epic speech:

I’m going to need a SWAT Team ready to mobilize, street level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammie Dodgers, and a Fez.  ~ The Doctor

But one of my favorite Smith episodes is also potentially my favorite Who episode ever. The Day of The Doctor. There are way too many awesome scenes to link all the videos here, so I’ll share one video of my most favorite scene, where Eleven meets Ten.

Another super effective scene in Day of the Doctor was the teaser for Twelve … the infamous Angry Eyebrows of Peter Capaldi

I’m stopping here …. Capaldi hasn’t had a complete series yet and since our cable company pulled BBC America I haven’t been able to catch up on all of his stuff yet. I don’t dislike him though .. not at all! He’s a different Doctor than Tennant or Smith were and that’s a good thing. I like him in his own way and I look forward to meeting his new companion and seeing where this adventure through time and space goes next.

Thanks for indulging me this retrospective. It went a lot longer than I anticipated when I started. Once I got going I realized that I had way too many favorite moments to just including them in one post. If you aren’t a Who fan, I apologize. If you are a Who fan, I hope you enjoyed it.

Favorite Moments in Time and Space: Part 3

In this edition, I close out the Tennant years with more tears and gush over Matt Smith. But first ….

I can’t continue on to the Eleventh Doctor without mentioning one of my favorite Who characters of all time: Captain Jack Harkness. Oh Captain Jack. He’s a swashbuckling, ornery, adorable hero who flirts like it’s his job. He has a lot of wonderful moments but I think I’ll just stick this compilation here because it kind of encapsulates his character perfectly. Captain Jack loved …. well everybody.

*when he grabs the robot’s boobs though*

As we end the time of Tennant … we see him at his most raw and vulnerable. Tennant does an amazing job of showing us all of the heartache and pain and fear and love that the Doctor feels for all of humanity. And, in the end, as he always does, he sacrifices himself for one he loves, with honor.

And in the end, with one last heartbreaking look, he tells us goodbye. *cue tears*


We didn’t want you to go either!!  But … as we said goodbye to Ten we get to say hello to Eleven. The totally adorkable Matt Smith (who is still not a ginger). And while he comes across all Great Dane puppy like with flailing limbs and floppy hair … this scene from his first episode shows that no matter how goofy he comes across … he is still The Doctor.

We also get to meet the amazingly wonderful Amy and Rory. The first Couple Companions. From her realization that he is more than a friend, to him waiting thousands of years for her, to the birth of their daughter (spoilers!), to jumping off a building together. They were a love story for the ages. Together. Or not at all.

Did you love Amy and Rory as much as I did? Did you like Tennant or Smith better? Let me know and come back soon. Next I’ll share some of my favorite Matt Smith moments, including the AMAZING Day of the Doctor episode where my two faves are together for some serious shenanigans.

Until then …. Geronimo!!

March Vs Winter

Let’s hope March wins.

Recently I gave Jamison (and I) the gift of a Loot Crate subscription. Each month has a theme and the goodies in the crate are curated around that theme. The theme for March was “Versus” and it was pretty sweet. This is just the second Loot Crate that Jamison and I have received and I’m not regretting the decision at all. So, since we are enjoying it so much I thought I’d do a little “unboxing” recap, starting with this month’s Crate:

First off, every crate comes with a Loot Pin and each pin unlocks some sort of digital content. This month’s pin is a Aliens v Predator pin and we got a free Vudu rental of one of those movies. We picked Aliens because it is one of our favorites. Please excuse the shitty picture of the awesome pin.


There is also always a t-shirt included with each Crate and this month we get a really freaking sweet Star Trek shirt, featuring a movie poster style image for the episode titled “Mirror Mirror,” where the Enterprise crew end up in an alternate universe, resulting in Logical Spock and Pirate Spock. Totally wearing this to the next Bad Movie Nite event at Studio 35. I mean really. Pirate Spock? I have an urgent need to find this episode now.


You also generally get a figure of some sort and this month Jamison was THRILLED to find this little guy. Aliens is one of his all time favorite movie franchises and he is super pumped to add him to our collection of nerd stuff.


Correlating with the current season of Daredevil, we got a sweet reversible beanie/hat/thing. Ignore the model. She was free.

PicMonkey Collage

And lastly, we got a sweet-ass Harley Quinn comic, that I’m kind of afraid to take out of the plastic. It (like many of the items) is a Loot Crate exclusive. And yes, I will take it out of the plastic to read it, but it will certainly go right back in.


So, that’s the March Loot Crate. Pretty sweet stuff. April’s theme is “Quest” and the teaser includes Harry Potter, The Vikings (TV Show), Labrynth, and Uncharted 4. Can’t wait to see what we get!!