Out With A Bang

Never in my life have I done something so literal. My son and I sent the year out with a bang. I giant, wheel sqealing, glass flying, airbag deploying, Jaws of Life bang.

At about 7:45 on New Year’s Eve, 5-ish minutes after leaving our house, headed to a party, we were cruising down Dublin-Granville Road and another driver turned left into / in front of me.  She basically hit the corner of my front driver’s side, which spun us around, the passenger corner hit … something … and we came to a stop facing the opposite direction we started. It all happened in a matter of seconds.


The air was knocked out of me and I asked Jamison if he was okay. He said he was and asked if I was. I was not. It took a few deep breaths for my breathing to work right again. I had horrible pain in my right hand and left hip. But there was no bleeding and we were both conscious. Jamison called 911 and we waited. We were pretty close to Worthington still, so it didnt take them long to arrive. They got there an started asking the standard questions. When i tried to move my head to look outthe window at them, it hurt and I said so, which automatically called for the neck collar. None of the door would open, except for the back door on my side, so one of the EMTs got back there and put the collar on me. Jamison tried unlocking the doors and I did as well and there was nothing. He tried to open his door from the inside, and nothing. I tried to open my door from the inside, and I saw that my door had buckled slightly and my door handle was missing. Chelsea (the EMT behind me) told me that once the rescue team was ready, theyd be removing parts of my door to get me out.

The crew got to the car and covered Jamison and I with a blanket and got to work. I knew that they were obviously getting my door open, What I didn’t realixe untl I saw the pictures of the car, was that they needed both of the drivers side doors, and everything else for that matter, out of the way to get the back board in the car to get me out. They basically bend thd driver door back on itself so it was touching the front tire, and they took the back door and center support out completely.

At that point, they used the back board and got me out and into the squad while the rescue team worked to get Jamison out. He said they used the Jaws of Life to pry his door open so he could get out. Then we were off to the hospital.


I got to experience a lot of firsts that night. My first ride in an ambulance as a patient. The first time anyone has ever used scissors to cut my clothing off of me (my favorite grey sweater is now a very rustic cardigan). The first time I’ve ever been bruised by an IV. My first fun nick name of 2018 (more on that later).

After we got to the hospital, Jamison’s adrenaline started to subside and he started to feel some pain, so while they were working on me in the trauma room, they admitted him to check him for knee and neck pain. This entire time I have no idea what is happening with him. My mom brain was chanting over and over “where is Jamison is he okay where is Jamison is he okay where is Jamison is he okay.” It was the worst feeling ever. My pain was completely secondary to my needing to see him and know he was okay. Zero out of five stars. I do not recommend.

Summing it up, I had x-rays of my cervical and lumbar spine and my forearm, as well as abdominal ultrasound in the trauma room. On the way to the room, we stopped by CT Scan to get some more pictures of my cervical and lumbar spine. In the room they came and got a decidated x-ray of my hip. Then I waited.

After a bit, the doc came in and told me that my spine scans were all clear, so they could remove the collar and I could sit up. I never realized how happy I could be made by the phrase “you can sit up.” At some point I was told that Jamison was fine. No serious injuries, just bruises and soreness. He finally was discharged and walked into my room about a minute and a half into the new year. We waited some more.

After another bit, the Orthopedic doc came in and said they did see at least two small fractures in my wrist, and a possible third. The third one was the important one, becuase it would determine if I would need surgery or not. It was too close of a call for her to be comfortable making it alone, so she had paged the Ortho Fellow to take a look and weigh in. More waiting.

After an episode of “Forged in Fire” she came back to say that they wanted a CT scan of the wrist to get a better look. More waiting until CT was ready for me (they were down to one machine due to an unfortunate bed bug incident). The nurse came to take me to CT and said the beautiful words “Do you want to walk there?”  OMG yes please. Get these monitors off of me and let me move. We got to CT and the tech said “Is this 48?” and the nurse said “No, this is Trauma Hotel!” I was happy my new nickname was giving the staff such joy. The tech recognized me and congratulated me on looking much different than the last time she saw me. We got the scan and back to the room I went for some more waiting.

After 2-3 more eposides of “Forged in Fire” and then a partial re-watching of the first one again, the Ortho doc came back and told me she’d be putting me in a splint and I’d be ready to be discharged. More waiting and the discarge process started. It was quite prolonged, they were getting me pain meds to take before I left, plus a prescription, and the other paperwork. Then there was the added fact that I needed clothes, as what I was wearing earlier in the day had been cut to shreds by the EMTs. Also complicating things was my new nick name. Turns out a pharmacy would most likely NOT give me a prescription made out for Trauma Hotel. After this discovery, the tracking down of the Registration person, the special permissions and changing of my name, and the eventual finding of the paper scrubs, it was time to go.

We left our house at 7:45. We left the hospital at 4:45. Happy New Year.

And actually it is. 2018 can only get better. We didnt die. Jamison wasnt really hurt. And the most amazing man rushed himself (and his poor kids) to the hospital and spend the entire night walking between my room and Jamson’s room, making sure we were okay. A wise person told me that a person’s true colors come out during trauma and tragedy, and while I already knew this guy was pretty darn great …. now there is no question.

So Happy New Year wierdos. I’ll post updates as they transpire. One handed typing practice will be good for when I go back to work anyway. Hug your loved ones, life is precious and you never know when things will change. I count myself very, very lucky. It’s not a great situation I’m in right now but it could be so, so much worse.

In closing, here is a picture of a very sad door:



Qualifications For Kindness

One of the things I do in my new job is answering our “Hotline.”  It’s a number people can call to report any potential or suspected illegal construction work being done in the city. Most of the calls I get are valid and require investigation. However, most of the calls I get are also from people being douchebags because their neighbor’s dog barks too much … or some shit.  #WhyCantWeAllJustGetAlong

I also get a ton of general calls that need transferred to other departments. In our main phone tree, people hear the word “Compliance” and figure that since we are the “Bad Guys” we can help them. Sometimes I feel like we are the Building Department’s version of the Principals Office.

I recently received a message from an older gentleman who prefaced his entire message with two disclaimers: “I’m a veteran.” and “I’m 71 years old.”

His message was slightly rambling with a tiny touch of incoherence. I’m ashamed to say my initial response was to write him off as “crazy.” He didn’t identify an actual issue and just stated that someone was trying to “do him wrong” and that he needed help.

I’ve been in a two-day training session and haven’t had a chance to call him back yet, the message is sitting on my desk. But now that I’ve had a day or so to think about it, I was struck by something with this guy.

Why did he feel the need to qualify his entire request for help with these two facts?  I’m a veteran.  I’m 71 years old.

I realized a couple of things. First, I felt horrible for jumping to the conclusion that this was a crazy old guy who was just going to be a waste of my time. I had no reason to just assume that he would be a huge pain in my ass.  #IKnowBetter

Secondly, what kind of society do we live in where a person feels like, in order to get some help, some common decency & kindness, he has to “prove” he was worthy of help because he was old and had served our country.

Every day we are given many opportunities to be kind. We are faced with situations and have encounters with others, a wide variety of chances of all shapes and sizes to treat others with some basic compassion. Every day people chose to by cynical. To judge. To react negatively. To turn away or ignore.

That is the easy way out though, isn’t it?

It would be so much easier for me to just forward this message to our general reception line. To write him off as inconsequential and wash my hands of him. Dump him on someone else and make him someone else’s problem. Not my circus, not my monkeys, right?

Why is the “right” way also the “hard” way?

Why are humans wired to judge and dismiss instead of naturally wanting to ask, or help, or care?

Now, there are people who buck this system. People who are naturally inclined to be kind and compassionate and understanding, just by default. (I know a few of these people and I’m lucky to call them friends. They are an inspiration to me on a daily basis. Yes I am talking about you Sarah). This is the kind of person I want to be. I don’t work at being uncompassionate. I don’t go out of my way to be judgmental. But in our world of instant gratification and social media, where we are surrounded daily by negativity and ugliness, it seems to be the default to always assume the worst.

I don’t know about you, but this shit drains me. I stopped watching the news a few years ago because it just plain bummed me out. Negativity sucks the life out of my soul. It makes me cranky and ugly and I really, really don’t like it.

So I try as much as I can to take a minute and think before I judge. Take a breath or two before I speak and say something ugly. Try to see the positive in a situation or the good in a person. I know this makes people crazy. My poor boyfriend is the biggest recipient of this. My need to constantly point out the other side of a situation, or arguing for the underdog. I truly don’t mean to be argumentative or negative or naggy. I just want the world to be a less negative place. Less ugly flying around. I am a self-professed “Lover of Loving Things.” I hate confrontation. I dream of a world filled with rainbows and butterflies and sunshine and unicorns. #SoSueMe

I have decided that when I get back to work after training, I’m gonna call that guy back. I may or may not be able to help him. He may very well not even have an issue that needs to be addressed by my department or any other City department. But he deserves a chance to tell someone what is going on, and it may as well be me. And not because he is a veteran, or because he is 71 years old. Simply because he is a human being and it is the right thing to do.

Long Time No Stuff

It has officially been a long-ass time since I’ve written anything.  I credit the fact that my life has been pretty nice recently and I haven’t had any emotional shitstorms to work through. But to be honest, if I’m gonna do this blog thing, I need to do it no matter what. So this is my official attempt to get back to it.

Due to my utter lack of creativity … I pulled this list of questions off of Pinterest and will now attempt to answer them. Some of them are kind of benign and some are approaching deeper waters. The deep water thing is difficult for me sometimes so I will consider this a growing experience. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

“10 Questions You Never Thought To Ask”


1: If you could spend one day in someone else’s shoes, who would it be and why?  Jennifer Lawrence.  Becuase really … she seems like she has a pretty awesome life, right? She’s young and pretty and cool and very smart-assy. She hangs out with cool people. Totally would be J-Law for a day.

2: Which celebrity gets on your nerves the most and why?  Oh Lord have mercy there are way too many to even begin thinking about it. Pretty much any rediculous reality TV person or the “celebrities” who are famous for no reason. I will say that “gets on my nerves” is kind of a strong statment. Really I just don’t pay any amount of attention to them for them to actually get on my nerves in the first place.

3: If your life were a novel, what would the title be?  “WTF Just Happened: I Really Have No Idea What I’m Doing”



4: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  A Large Animal Vet. I grew up in the “country-ish” and thought for sure I’d be a vet. The book series by James Herriot detailing his exploits as a country vet in England was my favorite as a kid. I read the whole series multiple times. I love everything about the idea of being a “country vet.” The dogs and cats, yes, but also the cows and horses and goats and pigs. There was something intriguing to me about being armpit deep in a cow, checking on her baby. And delivering a baby cow … forget about it. How freaking cool would that be?!?



5: How old were you when you had your first kiss?  Pretty sure my first little kid peck of a kiss was with Tim Pitcock in the hayloft of the barn on his family farm. We were in Kindergarden.  Yep.

6: Do you have any strange or unique phobias?  I have a fairly irrational fear of gas powered cooking devices. To the point where I am absolutley terrified of things like gas stoves and gas grills. I have used a gas stove but to this day have never actually turned on and used a gas grill.  They freak the shit out of me.  Somewhere in my brain all I can see is the damn thing blowing up in my face. I have no idea why I am so afraid of them. I’ve never been personally involved in a gas explosion. But damn they scare me.



7: If you could bring back one toy from your childhood, what would it be and why?  My BMX bike from my teen years for sure. God I lived on that thing. If I wasn’t out playing in the creek, I was on my bike. Going back further, that Fisher Price Barnyard with the animals stands out vividly in my memory.  I played the hell out of that thing.  Also … Legos. I don’t even need to say any more about that.

8: If you knew today was the last day of your life, how would you spend it?  Doing whatever the fuck I wanted to. I’d start with waking up to zero alarms. Screw alarms. I’d have some coffee and lots of bacon for breakfast, maybe with some other stuff … maybe not. I’d hang out with my kids and Mike and his kids all day. I’d spend as much of it sitting in the sun by a pool as possible, a beach would be even better. I’d drink fun adult beverages in the sun surrounded by my loved ones, reading a book and doing zero things. This


is just about as perfect a day as I could have anyway, and why not spend your last day relaxed and happy?

9: If you had to describe yourself using only three words, what would they be?  Caring, Sarcastic, Optimistic


10: If you could be any Disney villan, who would you be?  Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove. She is described as “comically eccentric” and I can identify with that. Also, she gets to work with Kronk and let’s face it … I love me some Kronk.

So … that’s that. Some kind of weird questions, but, I’m kind of weird so it all works out. What about you? Any of these questions tickle your fancy? Have any equally weird answers? Are you also quite certain your gas grill is going to kill you? Would you like to stick your arm in a cow’s arse? Let me know in the comments!!

Let It Go … Away

737bc5db03299f98464cfc69879e051eHere’s a shocking bit of news … I hate winter.

I don’t like that it is gray and gloomy most days where I live during the winter months. It makes me sad and I certainly don’t need any help being sad for fucks sake. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a thing for reals and it is no fun. I learned long ago that I need sunshine in my life or I get stabby and ugly and snarkier than normal. Which is no fun for anyone. I use my halogen desk lamp at work 20% for being able to see my work and 80% to keep me warm and make me feel better.

I don’t like driving in snow and ice and nasty stuff. I don’t like that the people that live where I do lose their everlovin’ minds in regards to being able to drive like logical and sane f3b6c0108b95c1d3a51ffd1cf5fbf3cahuman beings in bad weather. We live in Ohio for crying out loud. It snows every God damn year. It’s not a surprise. Why do you all have the need to re-learn how to
drive in the snow and ice
and slush every fucking year? I mean seriously. I hate all of you. My only saving grace at this point is that I live less than a mile from my job so I don’t have to go far and deal with too many idiots. But still. So annoying.

I don’t like being cold. This is perhaps the biggest think I dislike most about winter. I can deal with temps in the 60’s and maybe even the 50’s if the sun is around. But when it starts to dip intothe low 50’s with  no sun, or anything under about 48 degrees and I’m frozen and struggling to get warm again. I live in warm running pants and hooded sweatshirts and warm winter socks. I dress in multiple layers on a daily basis. I
have a space heater and giant fuzzy blanket at my desk at work and to a normal person walking in my office, you’d think our heat was not working or something. I 6f9b1de3780d1f823ed2e057f2d2d3dehave two electric blankets on my bed that run all winter long, every night. I drink hot coffee and tea non stop. I feel like some days it’s a constant battle to just try and stay warm that I may never win. In addition to just plain being cold, I have an extreme sensitivity to cold air that makes my eyes water incessently. I literally look like I’ve been sobbing if I am outside for any length of time. And if there is a wind on top of the cold – I’m a freaking mess.  So then my skin dries out and gets chapped and I have an eternal “red face” all winter long. It’s so much fun.

So as I feverishly count the days until it’s warm again … I will focus on the things I do enjoy about winter. Ready for some really fucked up nonsense?

I like shoveling snow. I like getting out when we’ve had a decent number of inches of snowfall and shoveling the shit out of it. It is the BEST workout and there is something very satisfying to my cold little OCD heart
about systematically clearing off a driveway or sidewalk. Go figure. It ends up KILLING my back but I know that the cardio I get from it is amazing. And just seeing the cleaned off spaces, all need and tidy, makes me feel a little bit happier inside.

So … while I begin the countdown of 194 days until Summer officiall arrives … enjoy a photo of an octopus wearing a top hat. Because he makes me happy and represents all things exciting and joyful.



Hang in there little Excite-o-pus … only 27 weeks until it is warm again in Ohio.

Another Year

113423711_10153641658982747_8456146028768364613_n7 years ago, in the wee hours between November 29th and 30th, I held my fathers hand as he left us. It was and will always be one of the most important moments in my life.

If you’ve lost a close family member you know it never really gets easier. That’s not the right word. It gets more normal maybe, but life is still never quite right. Something is always just a little bit off. Missing.

I miss him every day. And I never know when something will 13418683_1018478621566409_4350477012410850950_nremind me of him, but it happens all the time. I see him in my kids, in their ornery senses of humor and quiet loving ways. I still can’t watch a TV show or movie where the dad dies. It kills me every single time. And you know what … I’m totally okay with that. I’m perfectly fine with the crushing feeling in my chest that I get when I thing about a father dying. Because it sucks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have happy memories of him and I have the ability to think of my dad and smile and laugh and there are many, many, many things in life that make me think of him with a smile. But I also cry and that’s perfectly fine with me. Because I miss my dad and it makes me sad that he is gone. I hope that in 17 more years I still cry sometimes when I miss him. Not all sadness is bad and not all heartache is unnecessary. Sometimes it’s a reminder of a love larger than life.

I love you dad. And I always will.

Pin Check

* NaBloPoMo Day 22 *

I’m addicted to Pinterest. I will fully admit that. Somedays I surf Pinterest more than Facebook and Tumblr put together. I have all of these amazing boards curated with a very, very wide variety of things. From home DIY projects to amazing recipies. From sketching and drawing tutorials to crochet patterns. Boards of shoes and clothes and purses and jewlrey. Photos and memes from my favorite TV shows and movies. Boards dedicated to my nerd side with Doctor Who and Rooster Teeth both fully represented. And several boards with meaningful and deep quotes on life and love and the pursuit of happiness.

So … a quick glance at my main Pinterest home page can be …. interesting.  Between my friends that I follow and the “suggested pins” that the Pinterest algorythm assigns me, I have a lot of fun, interesting, and rediculous stuff to look at. As an exercise in transparency … what follows is a photo collage of the first several pins on my Pinterest Hompage from some point today.  Enjoy.

PS: Bonus points if you know what the bracelet is!!

picmonkey-collage-2 picmonkey-collage-3 picmonkey-collage-4 picmonkey-collage-5 picmonkey-collage


20 Things

* NaBloPoMo: Day 21 *

Today … enjoy 20 Random Facts about me.

  1. Full Name: Kimberly Renee (Benner) Calland
  2. Three Fears:
    1. Fire:  I have a situational/irrational fear of fire. I can handle a nice camp fire that is contained and I don’t mind burning candles in my house, but I my last house had a fireplace and I was terrified to start a fire in it. And fire that seems to me to be out of control in any way terrifies me. This is also one way I really, really would not want to die. Also I am consistantly terrified that my car is going to randomly burst into flames on the freeway. Note the irrational disclaimer at the beginning of this section.
    2. Spiders:  Yes. I’m afraid of spiders. Shut it. Don’t judge me. Spiders are creepy and freaky and I hate them.
    3. Disappointing My Children:  Probably the one fear that is most likely to actually come true. As a mom, I’m always concerned with doing the best I can for my kids. Keeping them happy and healthy and well cared for is my most important job. Now that my life circumstances have changed, this job terrifies me. On a daily basis I find myself wondering what they think of me and if they understand how much I love them and that I’d do anything for them and I worry every minute that what I’m doing is the right thing. #reallifefear
  3. Three Things I Love:
    1. My Kids:  I went with the obvious answer first.
    2. Music:  Music is a very big part of my life and the life of my kids. We all sing and have since we were young(er). Music helps me express emotions, gives me an outlet for the side of me that is a performer, allows me to be brave and put myself out there, and acts as a sort of therapy sometimes. I can’t imagine my life without music.
    3. Food:  I. Love. Food. All of the food.
  4. Last Song I Listened To:  “Kiss The Sky” – Jason Derulo  –  I love Jason Derulo.
  5. Four Turn Ons:
    1. Kindness:  There is nothing sexier than a strong, kind man. Not kindness because it looks good, but kindness because it’s inherent. Because it is just what you do.
    2. Sense of Humor:  I love laughing. Major bonus points if you can keep me laughing every day.
    3. Love of Music:  Music is one of the biggest “things” in my life – aside from my kids – so having a love and appreciation for music is not just a turn on but a requirement.
    4. Optimism:  I’m an optomistic person. I generally see the glass as half full and also usually see the best in people. Or at least try to. In the past I know this has driven people crazy, as I am usually looking for the bright/good side of things and some people just don’t think that way. So, someone with optimism, love that.
  6. Three Turn Offs:
    1. Negativity: As much as kindness and optimism are important to me – negativity is more than just a turn off. I don’t like it. I’m an empathetic person, I don’t know that I’d go as far as to say I’m an Empath, but I do know that negativity reallty effects me. In a very bad way. Being around negativity for too puts me in a bad mood and exhausts me. Probably because I’m spending all of my brain power and energy on offsetting the negative energy with my own positive energy. Negative people suck out my life force and make me sad. And I forget how much I really hate negativity until I end up around it and it drags me into a shitty mood. Negativity sucks.
    2. Self-Centeredness:  If you are the most important person in your own life … I don’t need you in mine.
    3. Laziness:  I don’t mean sitting around for much of a weekend every now and then or spending a Saturday binge watching on Netflix. But doing that 98% of the time … not so much. Sitting around like that too much makes me tired and depressed. I don’t even mean “working” but just not sitting around all the time. Go for a walk or a hike. Wander around the mall and look at the shit I can’t afford to buy. Go to an antique shop. Just every now and then. Get off the couch and get out in the world.
  7. How Many Tattoos/Piercings Do I Have: For now, I only have my ears pierced. For now. Hoping to change that soon. And (as I’ve said before) I’m pretty certain once I start down the Tattoo Road I won’t be able to stop. And I’m totally cool with that.
  8. What Is Your Go-To Order At Starbucks: Most times it would be a Quad Venti Carmel Macchiato. Some days just a good old fashioned Americano. During the Fall/Winter I like a good Holiday Spice Flat White or – my new favorite – the Chile Mocha. Generally if I ever get a flavored drink, I get an extra shot of espresso.
  9. Something I Really, Really, Want: Happiness. Fairly simple and yet extremely difficult to find for real.
  10. The Meaning Behind My Blog Name:  I have to admit – I 100% stole this phrase from someone else. Some friends of mine are in a quartet and at a rehearsal (if I remember the story correctly) one of them was thinking of the phrase “catch lightning in a bottle,” but instead said “catch fire in a bucket.” It became a bit of a thing, we’d use the hashtag #fireinabucket when posting pictures and other stuff in regards to the quartet, and when I was trying to think of something to call this place it came to mind. So thanks to Jon and his quartet The Regulars for being the inspiration behind the name of my blog.
  11. Someone I Miss: My dad. I really, really miss my dad. Every single day. He’s been gone for 17 years this year and I still miss him every day.
  12. Favorite Part of My Daily Routine: Most weekdays I get up early enough to leave myself a good 30 minutes to just sit and enjoy my coffee and read whatever book (or one of the books) I’m currently reading. I also read many evenings before I go to bed, but I really enjoy this slow entry into my day. No one else is awake and there is no TV or computer on anywhere in the house. Just me and my coffee and a blanket and a book. Love that.
  13. Something That Is Currently Worrying Me: Making Christmas awesome for my kids. I know it’s not about the “stuff” and luckily my kids have been raised to know that … but still. I want it to be a great Christmas for them and I really hope I can make that happen.
  14. Where Were You 3 Hours Ago: At home trying to convince myself that coming in to work was a good idea. The jury is still out.
  15. Where I Work: I work as an Administrative Assistant in a Real Estate office.
  16. Something That’s Constantly On My Mind:  My 100% honest answer: Money. I’m in a pretty shitty place financially right now. The worst I’ve ever been in. I knew it would be like this, so I’m not complaining or looking for pity. Just stating that this is constantly on my mind. I’ve done the single mom thing before, but honestly back then I was making more per paycheck and my rent was about half what I pay now. It’s tough. A constant struggle. One that I am not alone with – there are many, many, many people and families out there living just like this. So far I’m pulling it off and pushing through – working towards better days, which I know will come eventually. But until then … I’m constantly thinking about the money.
  17. Three Habits I Have:
    1. I Hum. This is a habit I didn’t even realize I had until it was pointed out to me recently by two different people. I hum, sort of quietly and under my breath, much of the time. When I’m walking just about anywhere, in the car (if music isn’t playing), at the grocery store, at work, around the house. I hum.
    2. I chew on my fingers. If I have a hangnail or some dry skin on my fingers, I bite at it.  I’m not a traditional nail biter but I do still manage to often times be chewing on my fingers.
    3. I’m a leadfoot. I have a bad habit of driving fast, kind of all the time. It’s a problem. The fact that I don’t have a lovely collection of speeding tickets is kind of a miracle.
  18. My Idea Of A Perfect Date:  It would need to include food, drinks, music, and a fun activity. In some combination. I’m a pretty easy date, it really doesn’t take much. Dinner could be as simple as pizza or wings, maybe stopping somewhere to play pool or throw darts, maybe bowling. Most likely there would be music playing wherever the activity is taking place. Bingo – great date criteria achieved.
  19. Do You Like Bubble Baths: I love bubble baths. I don’t take them too often though. My current tub is small-ish and if I can’t fit all of my body in the water, it’s not as relaxing or enjoyable for me. Drawback of having certain body parts of a larger size – they don’t fit in the tub with the rest of me. #firstworldproblems
  20. A Photo of Myself: This is from a few years ago … but my hair is almost this length again. And the soft, warm light hides all the wrinkles and gray hair. So bonus.


Things I Love: Mugs

* NaBloPoMo: Day 19 *vintage-coffee

Here is yet another (hopefully) regular post, maybe something I’ll do monthly, who knows. I’m changable so it may happen again next week. Or maybe never.

Things I Love – First Edition: Mugs

I love mugs. If I had unlimited resources I would have full cabinets devoted to adorable and hilarious mugs. Big mugs, little mugs, funny mugs, pretty mugs. All of the mugs.

So I’m sharing today some of the mugs I have on my “Mugs Everywhere” Pinterest board.

Many of the mugs I pin are related to other things I love.

Foxes, foxes, foxes, I adore foxes & there are lots of fun fox mugs. Pretty ones, whimsical ones. sarcastic ones. Love. Them.

I can’t resist an adorable sea creature. Turtles and octopi in particular.


Large amounts of inappropriateness and sarcasm. All day every day.

Some of them are just downright gorgeous. I mean really beautiful.

I also enjoy a rough and rustic mug. Something that looks handmade and “from nature.”

Mugs. Can’t get enough of them. Always a great gift idea (just sayin’).

Do you have an unhealthly love of mugs? What kind do you prefer? Funny mugs? Traditional mugs? Giant mugs? Tiny mugs? Or do you not drink coffee (or tea) like some kind of animal?