Your Name Offers No Encouragement

So, I have this weird thing on my face, kind of mole-ish but not really. Just popped up several weeks ago and has been annoying to look at, and a little worrisome. So I went to my family doctor and he prescribed a steroid cream and said to use it for two weeks and see what happene. After two weeks, it made it smaller but didn’t take it away. Then when I stopped the cream, it came right back. So, he is referring me to a Dermatologist so they can have a look at it.

I get the call today with the appointment information and the name of the practice is downright, freaking terrifying: Central Ohio Skin & Cancer

Seriously? Cancer is right there in the name of the damn place.

wtf gif


For someone like me, who worked in Oncology for 10 years and saw cancer on a daily basis, some of the more neurotic of us tend to think that cancer is just hiding around the corner everywhere we go, waiting to pounce. I was told by my shrink once that it is because we saw it daily that it seemed more likely to actually happen to us, even though the “real” statistics were exactly the opposite. But in our crazy, neurotic brains – 100% certain everything that happened was cancer. So, hearing the name of this place gave me an honest-to-God shiver and I got a little flutter in my stomach.

Now, the real chances that this is cancer are slim. Even I know that it doesn’t “look” like any skin cancer I’ve ever seen before. But still … fucking cancer. In the name of the place I’m going to next week. Jeebus.

Gideon is Winning Valentine’s Day

This little guy and his amazing nurse are winning Valentine’s Day … at least in my book.

Having worked in Oncology for 10-ish years, I can say that the bond you create with your patients and their families is unlike any other. You see these amazing people on a very regular basis and you get to know them. You become more than just a caregiver. It is the most special thing ever.

The relationship between these two is clearly special and not unlike many relationships I made in my days at the hospital.

When she says “You can be my Hospital Husband” my heart just about burst.

Gideon + Tall Sarah = Forever.



Queen Cersei – aka: Queen Bad Ass

As a Game of Thrones fan, I think Cersei Lannister is pretty bad ass. I mean, she is horrible and terrifying and mean and evil, but bad ass none the less. If I were living in Westros, I would either want her as my best friend, or even better: I’d want to be her.

This video was making the rounds last week and I love it, because Lena Headey can quickly channel Queen Sersei and make inane insults from one of the most ridiculous shows on television (apologies to my friends who are fans – I still love you) and make them sound … well … pretty bad ass.


Hockey is the Best

I am a hockey fan. I’m not a crazy obsessed kind of fan, but I follow it enough and really enjoy watching it.

I stumbled across this gifset on Tumblr and thought it was absolutely fantastic. It tells the story of two men who are passionately and obsessively devoted to their teams in a way that may be a little unique to hockey. I mean, it is a sport where (in a way) fighting is encouraged and looked upon as part of the game.

I like to call the following set of photos: Every Water Bottle Matters

Save Me From Myself

So, this morning, in a giant moment of weakness, I decided to swing by Panera for breakfast of some kind. To be totally honest, my idea was to stop in and if they had any of their amazing warm chocolate chip cookies sitting there … I was totally having that for breakfast.

cookies for breakfast

I. Am. So. Weak.

Luckily for me, Panera is waaaaaay smarter than I am and they had zero warm cookies available for breakfast. So instead I got a Spinach Mushroom & Sofrito Egg Souffle and it was both yummy and way better for me.


So, thank you Panera. For saving me from myself and allowing me to eat something yummy and significantly more healthy than a giant chocolate chip cookie. Although, if that cookie had been there I would have totally eaten it for breakfast and not thought twice about it.

fuck to give

Cookies: Breakfast for Those Who Give Zero Fucks.