Creek Life

13658964_10153724600722747_4726603674037489535_nI spent a portion of this past weekend, surviving the sweltering temperatures and heat advisories, by walking in the woods. More specifically, by walking in the water.

I’ve always said that Highbanks Metro Park reminds me so very much of growing up and the land behind my house. I grew up in a house nestled in the woods. Behind it, was large area with winding dirt paths, a deep, wooded ravine with a creek running through. A big old waterfall with a sort of a cave underneath. Rope swings and log crossings and general good times. I loved my “backyard” at home and miss it very much. 13775628_10153724600582747_310236962300977465_n

I went to Highbanks on Friday evening and realized how easy it was to get to the creek at one point on the path. So, I ventured down and played in the water a bit. On Sunday, I put on my water/trail shoes and went back. I hit the creek close to the Nature Center and followed it to the river, then walked in the river as far as I could, until I had to get back on t13620161_10153724600677747_6758577885989405491_nhe trail again.

It was wonderful.

I enjoyed it so much, I went and did the same thing at Blendon Woods. Walked a trail until I got to the creek, went off trail in the water until I found some trail again. Now, my goal is to hit up all the Metro Parks and find more water. It was peaceful, fairly cool considering, and just a great way to spend a day.

If you need me. I’ll be playing in the creek.

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