Here’s a Quarter

I survived my first “Quarter Marathon” this weekend. And I’m pretty damn proud of it, not gonna lie.

When I started running again, a year-ish ago, it was literally an attempt to run away from my problems. It has turned into something that I just really like doing. It has helped me drop close to 40 pounds now, and it makes me feel … well … powerful. And strong. I decided a few months in that I’d like to try to increase my distance and see just how far I could push myself. After running a handful of 5K races this year, I signed up for the New Moon Quarter Marathon. Which is also a Half-Half. Which is also a 10K. Which is 6.55 miles American.



Everyone knows the best part of the race is the swag. Pretty sweet medal for this one. And it glows in the dark!


I finished with a respectable time of 1:07:11 – right smack in the middle and with probably my best pace ever in a race. Which is surprising to me, considering I was uncertain towards the end if I would even survive.

race certificateBut, survive I did, even though at somewhere between mile 5 and mile 6 I got passed by a pregnant lady. Like a 7 to 8 month pregnant lady. A real nice kick in the balls of my self esteem right there.

But I finished. I didn’t walk at any point. And I felt amazing afterwards. I felt like I got hit by a truck, but it was a trucIMG_20160521_192401-01k full of awesomeness and rainbows and unicorn farts, which we all know are primarily made of confetti and sunshine.  So yeah – I felt great.

Also – the best beer I ever tasted! It’s amazing what running 6.55 miles will do to a ShockTop.


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