Lazer Team – Haaaaaaaaay


To talk about “Lazer Team”, I need to talk about Rooster Teeth a little bit first. I’ll save any in depth talk for a separate post, but quickly, Rooster Teeth is a company that produces online content. From animated series to video game play based series to comedy series, they cover it. If you are a gamer who loves comedy, or a comedy lover who plays video games, I encourage you to check them out. Great, funny, entertaining stuff. For serious.

Now, they have created some online short documentaries and other things, but Lazer Team is a full-length movie, the first of many I hope. After a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign (over $2.4 million in one month – an Indiegogo record), they started production and finally released the film in select theaters worldwide this week.

I discovered Rooster Teeth and Lazer Team through my son, Jamison, who is an avid gamer, and comedy and movie lover, much like myself. So, when I saw that there was an opportunity to see this movie the week before his 15th birthday, They released the movie using the Tugg platform (more info about that here), where the showing of the movie is based upon the interest at the local market. We ended up with two screenings here in Columbus, and the last time I checked they were 50-ish tickets away from a third showing next week. Needless to say, Jamison was thrilled that we were going to get to be a part of this.

Shortly after I bought the tickets, I got an email with a link to limited edition merchandise available only to ticket holders. So naturally, I got two t-shirts for us to wear to the movie.

please excuse my shitty selfie taking skills

Fast forward to last night, and the screening. We arrived early, so we could secure good seats, and I’m glad we did. Both screenings last night were sold out, apparently there are lots of RT fans in Columbus. After sitting, I took the obligatory selfies, much to the chagrin of my son.


(I am not good at selfies. Clearly)

The movie started and being in that room with all of those fans was pretty awesome. Before the official movie kicked off, we got a nice message from Matt Hullum, CEO of Rooster Teeth, thanking us for being there and thanking any Indiegogo contributors that happened to be in the audience, of which there were quite a few. The movie starts and it was just as I had expected it to be. Now, non-RT fans may not love this movie, but I don’t care, because I love them and I loved it. AV Club described it as resembling “a mash up of Super Troopers and Independence Day, with a smattering of Ghostbusters.” Which is pretty much spot on. I’m happy to report that at this moment, they have a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, which when considering the kind of movie this is, it could be much, much worse. Now, the audience score is at 90%, but it’s a fan driven movie distributed on a fan-driven platform, so that makes sense.

Another perk, in addition to exclusive merchandise, we got some extra footage at the theater. After the movie ended, and after rousing applause, Matt came back and thanked us and then introduced a deleted scene, which was fantastic. And then he came back and introduced the blooper reel – which is one of my all time favorite things ever. I love a good blooper reel, and this didn’t disappoint.


Every single person sat through all of the credits, naturally. And every single person who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign was listed in the credits. Love that.


It was a great experience. Some of my favorite moments were spotting all of the Rooster Teeth folks in various cameo roles in the movie. In particular Gus Sorola as “Disheveled Scientist,” Chris Demarais as “Franksen,”  Barbara Dunkleman as “Cheerleader,” and Blaine Gibson as “Hospital Guard #1.”

Also (I think I was alone in my overwhelming excitement at this) Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies was in the movie! Yaaaaaas! He played a news reporter (naturally) and it made my heart so, so happy. (Please refer back to my post here about the Barenaked Ladies to see about their previous work with Rooster Teeth).

Ultimately, I’m super happy I got to share this with my son. Watching these YouTube videos and listening to the pod casts and talking about these people is something we share that is pretty awesome and cool. Being able to share this with him and having him enjoy it so much = very, very cool.

So, thank you Rooster Teeth, for allowing my son and I to have some pretty awesome stuff to bond over. You guys rock!


(Seriously. I take the worst pictures ever.)

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