March Vs Winter

Let’s hope March wins.

Recently I gave Jamison (and I) the gift of a Loot Crate subscription. Each month has a theme and the goodies in the crate are curated around that theme. The theme for March was “Versus” and it was pretty sweet. This is just the second Loot Crate that Jamison and I have received and I’m not regretting the decision at all. So, since we are enjoying it so much I thought I’d do a little “unboxing” recap, starting with this month’s Crate:

First off, every crate comes with a Loot Pin and each pin unlocks some sort of digital content. This month’s pin is a Aliens v Predator pin and we got a free Vudu rental of one of those movies. We picked Aliens because it is one of our favorites. Please excuse the shitty picture of the awesome pin.


There is also always a t-shirt included with each Crate and this month we get a really freaking sweet Star Trek shirt, featuring a movie poster style image for the episode titled “Mirror Mirror,” where the Enterprise crew end up in an alternate universe, resulting in Logical Spock and Pirate Spock. Totally wearing this to the next Bad Movie Nite event at Studio 35. I mean really. Pirate Spock? I have an urgent need to find this episode now.


You also generally get a figure of some sort and this month Jamison was THRILLED to find this little guy. Aliens is one of his all time favorite movie franchises and he is super pumped to add him to our collection of nerd stuff.


Correlating with the current season of Daredevil, we got a sweet reversible beanie/hat/thing. Ignore the model. She was free.

PicMonkey Collage

And lastly, we got a sweet-ass Harley Quinn comic, that I’m kind of afraid to take out of the plastic. It (like many of the items) is a Loot Crate exclusive. And yes, I will take it out of the plastic to read it, but it will certainly go right back in.


So, that’s the March Loot Crate. Pretty sweet stuff. April’s theme is “Quest” and the teaser includes Harry Potter, The Vikings (TV Show), Labrynth, and Uncharted 4. Can’t wait to see what we get!!

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