MCCM #1 : Tom Plute

* NaBloPoMo: Day 7 *

First of all, let’s just clarify a bit. MCCM = Male Comic Crush Monday. One of the comics I follow on Facebook was someone’s crush today, and I tracked back to the original post voting that folks call out their comedian crushes, so considering I need some blog material thisĀ month, welcome to a “Regular Series” that I’ll do at least in November and maybe after that if I can continue to tom-plutehold any kind of momentum and/or motivation. #dontholdyourbreath

I have a huge love of comedy that I’ve talked about before, here and elsewhere. I had the pleasure of getting so see several local and local-ish comedians at a festival this past May and while I always seem to
either have shit to do on the nights they perform, I still follow them on social media and really, really, really want to get out and see them more often.

So for that reason, for my first MCCM, I’m going local with the ever hysterical and totally adorable Tom Plute:

He also loves Doug Loves Movies and that is automatic bonus points in my book. Tom has a DLM-esque podcast called “Whiskey Deep” that I subscribe to and love. What’s not to love about heavy drinking, sucking at trivia, and laughing your ass off?

Another bonus – one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard.

So, check out the links andĀ support our local talent. It’s totally worth it, I promise.

Tune in Wednesday for WCCW: The Lesbian Edition

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