My Girl

Last week I posted about my son, today is about my daughter.senior picture

We have been through a lot the two of us.

We have a very close and complicated and wonderful relationship. I’m not sure what I’d do without her in my life.

So, here is a photo retrospective, a Flashback if you will, to the last almost 22 years with this girl in my life:




She has always been beautiful. Even when she was little and had all those “Shirley Temple” style curls.

baby with phone





She was ridiculously cute and was super sassy

Cute and SassyAs she grew she went from just adorable to downright gorgeous.

looking down

She retained her sassy side and developed a great personality. Which served her well when she participated in the theater program at her high school.

Theaterbarbershop 2


She also developed an amazing singing voice, and currently sings in a barbershop chorus with me. I am honored to be able to see her singing and performing on a regular basis.


barbershop collage

big boy

Along with that sassy side, she is also quite silly.

A giant goofball actually.

I mean seriously.

She makes me laugh.silly collage

She has a ton of friends and loves them all fiercely.

friends collage

And I am super lucky that she loves her little brother more than almost anything else on earth.

lex and j

I credit the 7 year difference and her enormous love for her brother as being the reason she is so amazing with children and why taking care of them is probably what she will do for a living. She’s great at it.

with kids

She and I have been through a lot and will continue to face all of the crap life throws at us together. She is my best friend and I love her to the moon and back.

With Me Collage

She is simply the best. And I love her.

smile collage



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