Out With A Bang

Never in my life have I done something so literal. My son and I sent the year out with a bang. I giant, wheel sqealing, glass flying, airbag deploying, Jaws of Life bang.

At about 7:45 on New Year’s Eve, 5-ish minutes after leaving our house, headed to a party, we were cruising down Dublin-Granville Road and another driver turned left into / in front of me.  She basically hit the corner of my front driver’s side, which spun us around, the passenger corner hit … something … and we came to a stop facing the opposite direction we started. It all happened in a matter of seconds.


The air was knocked out of me and I asked Jamison if he was okay. He said he was and asked if I was. I was not. It took a few deep breaths for my breathing to work right again. I had horrible pain in my right hand and left hip. But there was no bleeding and we were both conscious. Jamison called 911 and we waited. We were pretty close to Worthington still, so it didnt take them long to arrive. They got there an started asking the standard questions. When i tried to move my head to look outthe window at them, it hurt and I said so, which automatically called for the neck collar. None of the door would open, except for the back door on my side, so one of the EMTs got back there and put the collar on me. Jamison tried unlocking the doors and I did as well and there was nothing. He tried to open his door from the inside, and nothing. I tried to open my door from the inside, and I saw that my door had buckled slightly and my door handle was missing. Chelsea (the EMT behind me) told me that once the rescue team was ready, theyd be removing parts of my door to get me out.

The crew got to the car and covered Jamison and I with a blanket and got to work. I knew that they were obviously getting my door open, What I didn’t realixe untl I saw the pictures of the car, was that they needed both of the drivers side doors, and everything else for that matter, out of the way to get the back board in the car to get me out. They basically bend thd driver door back on itself so it was touching the front tire, and they took the back door and center support out completely.

At that point, they used the back board and got me out and into the squad while the rescue team worked to get Jamison out. He said they used the Jaws of Life to pry his door open so he could get out. Then we were off to the hospital.


I got to experience a lot of firsts that night. My first ride in an ambulance as a patient. The first time anyone has ever used scissors to cut my clothing off of me (my favorite grey sweater is now a very rustic cardigan). The first time I’ve ever been bruised by an IV. My first fun nick name of 2018 (more on that later).

After we got to the hospital, Jamison’s adrenaline started to subside and he started to feel some pain, so while they were working on me in the trauma room, they admitted him to check him for knee and neck pain. This entire time I have no idea what is happening with him. My mom brain was chanting over and over “where is Jamison is he okay where is Jamison is he okay where is Jamison is he okay.” It was the worst feeling ever. My pain was completely secondary to my needing to see him and know he was okay. Zero out of five stars. I do not recommend.

Summing it up, I had x-rays of my cervical and lumbar spine and my forearm, as well as abdominal ultrasound in the trauma room. On the way to the room, we stopped by CT Scan to get some more pictures of my cervical and lumbar spine. In the room they came and got a decidated x-ray of my hip. Then I waited.

After a bit, the doc came in and told me that my spine scans were all clear, so they could remove the collar and I could sit up. I never realized how happy I could be made by the phrase “you can sit up.” At some point I was told that Jamison was fine. No serious injuries, just bruises and soreness. He finally was discharged and walked into my room about a minute and a half into the new year. We waited some more.

After another bit, the Orthopedic doc came in and said they did see at least two small fractures in my wrist, and a possible third. The third one was the important one, becuase it would determine if I would need surgery or not. It was too close of a call for her to be comfortable making it alone, so she had paged the Ortho Fellow to take a look and weigh in. More waiting.

After an episode of “Forged in Fire” she came back to say that they wanted a CT scan of the wrist to get a better look. More waiting until CT was ready for me (they were down to one machine due to an unfortunate bed bug incident). The nurse came to take me to CT and said the beautiful words “Do you want to walk there?”  OMG yes please. Get these monitors off of me and let me move. We got to CT and the tech said “Is this 48?” and the nurse said “No, this is Trauma Hotel!” I was happy my new nickname was giving the staff such joy. The tech recognized me and congratulated me on looking much different than the last time she saw me. We got the scan and back to the room I went for some more waiting.

After 2-3 more eposides of “Forged in Fire” and then a partial re-watching of the first one again, the Ortho doc came back and told me she’d be putting me in a splint and I’d be ready to be discharged. More waiting and the discarge process started. It was quite prolonged, they were getting me pain meds to take before I left, plus a prescription, and the other paperwork. Then there was the added fact that I needed clothes, as what I was wearing earlier in the day had been cut to shreds by the EMTs. Also complicating things was my new nick name. Turns out a pharmacy would most likely NOT give me a prescription made out for Trauma Hotel. After this discovery, the tracking down of the Registration person, the special permissions and changing of my name, and the eventual finding of the paper scrubs, it was time to go.

We left our house at 7:45. We left the hospital at 4:45. Happy New Year.

And actually it is. 2018 can only get better. We didnt die. Jamison wasnt really hurt. And the most amazing man rushed himself (and his poor kids) to the hospital and spend the entire night walking between my room and Jamson’s room, making sure we were okay. A wise person told me that a person’s true colors come out during trauma and tragedy, and while I already knew this guy was pretty darn great …. now there is no question.

So Happy New Year wierdos. I’ll post updates as they transpire. One handed typing practice will be good for when I go back to work anyway. Hug your loved ones, life is precious and you never know when things will change. I count myself very, very lucky. It’s not a great situation I’m in right now but it could be so, so much worse.

In closing, here is a picture of a very sad door:



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