Weekly Obsession: Telenovela

The first in a weekly series … allow me to show you something that I’m obsessed with this week. Note: This series will most likely be entertainment related. A TV show or movie or an actor, a musician or band, a book or series of books. I’m as a general rule obsessed with most things Pop Culture-y. So yeah. This…


Welcome to “fireinabucket” – my crazy corner of the interwebs.

I like to write. And I like nerdy things. And music. And books. And I will talk about all of that here.

I apologize in advance for my inappropriateness.

Talk Proper To Me

I have discovered something about myself. I have a sort of “type.” I mean, I already have a type in men who are bald. That is a thing I love. Bald men. But I have discovered another thing I like. A Proper Gentleman. Not proper in the way most people would think. I like a guy who says words that most people…