Previous Life

So, anyone who reads this blog, should know I’ve had others before it. One of them, in particular is pretty dear to my heart. It was my place that I did a lot of journaling type blogging during the rough times at the end of last year and beginning of this one. It was called “Dreams Of A New Life” and it is quite special to me.

NOTE: The stuff over there is highly personal. It was a private place that I basically bared my soul when I needed an outlet. Some posts were thought out. Some were just basic brain dumps. All of them are honest and raw and 100% me. So welcome to it.

I’m sharing here because over there I had a few followers that were going through similar things and we did a bit of supporting of each other. Now that I’m primarily writing here, I thought I’d, at the very least, link back to where I came from.

Thanks to anyone reading this. I appreciate you!

To anyone finding there way here from Dreams of A New Life – welcome!


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