Round ‘Em Up Let’s Go

I’ve mentioned countless times on various platforms that music is very important in my life and in particular, the lyric. I am a lover of words and a good lyric can cut right into your soul and speak directly to the very emotion that you are either trying to embrace or attempting to ignore. A good lyric can shake you to your core.

“They don’t know where we’ve been. We got that concrete street skin.”

A song speaking to me these days is “State of My Head” by Shinedown.

“Yeah, I’m full of deep cuts right down to the marrow, but there’s no doubt we’ll get out from the bottom of the barrel.”

It speaks to digging in when things are shitty and pushing through. It speaks to not giving up because the ultimate reward waits at the end of the battle. It speaks to being strong when others would not.

“Oh, our flag is tattered and our bones are shattered but it doesn’t matter ’cause we’re moving forward.”

It reminds me that the hardest battles are also the dirtiest and the reward is so very worth it.

“I’m not speakin’ under my breath, ’cause the harder you push the rougher I get. ‘Cause I’m not shaken when the earth starts quakin’. Got my own foundation with no hesitation.”

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