Seven Rules for Dealing When You Can’t Even

A friend shared this on Facebook today and it really spoke to me, because this is a list of seven simple things that I think most of us would do well to remember. I know that I carry round enormous amounts of guilt and self-loathing on a daily basis and I struggle a great deal with things like patience, self-esteem, over thinking, and generally being able to shut my brain off.

Recently my life has taken a bit of a turn and I find myself with a “lot going on.” Which is really code for “shit is kind of falling apart and I’m holding on by a string but putting on a smile and powering through.” I have great days and I have super shitty days and through it all I have been constantly trying to remind myself of many of the things on this list. Things like the fact that I am in charge of my happiness and I do have both the power and the right to be happy. I will get through this and I will be better and stronger for it in the end, and deep down I know that. But on my bad days, it’s nice to have little reminders like this list.

It also helps to sing the Kimmy Schmidt theme in my head, I’ve said before that she is my Spirit Animal and I’ve adopted that theme as my mantra. After all, it’s true. I am unbreakable. Females are strong as hell. Dammit.


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