So Many Changes

I got a note from a friend recently and she mentioned that this Blog’s popped up on her Facebook memories, and it reminded her of how much she enjoyed reading it. This made me realize that I’m a big dummy for not doing more writing and sharing of photos and general stuff here. So I am attempting, yet again, to get back to it.

We all know how that goes, don’t we.

There have been a lot of changes in my life since I was posting here regularly. I talked a bit about my “end of 2017 / beginning of 2018” and the car accident. But nothing about the recovery or anything else that happened in 2018. I did an obligatory “New Year” post in January of this year and fell off the face of the earth again. It’s high time I did a wrap-up/review of 2018 and jumped back into the wierdness that is my world. As per usual, this will be in random and totally non-chronological order because … we’ll y’all know me by now.

Purple, to match my chorus costume. Naturally.

I recovered fully (for the most part) from the accident. My wrist is now the best meterologist I know, but otherwise is good. My pinkie finger is a little wonky and askew but I wasn’t ever perfect to begin with now was I. I have developed an irrational fear of people turning in front of me that is bleeding over to a fear that every car on the freeway is about to jump into my lane. This also happens when I’m the passenger … so if I’m riding with you and randomly freak out … just ignore me. I’m good.


After my new-ish car got totaled, my old-ass Bug totally died (RIP Victor the Vampire VW) and I bought a new car. The first new car in my own name in years and years. That felt pretty good. Everyone, meet Francesca the Fiat (aka: Frannie).

In October of 2017 I started a new job with the City of Columbus working in the Building Department and I LOVE IT.  Seriously, these folks are my people. I always knew that I had a “serving heart” (sorry that was super corny) and I really missed the hospital but this is a perfect mix of construction folks and public service folks and I’m really happy here.  

My boy graduated high school and I’m officially the parent of two adult children.  If anyone needs me I’ll be tying my house to balloons and flying my crotchety old arse away now.  He has plans to pursue some education in Electrical Engineering and to my delight is interested in getting a job here at the City of CBus to help pay for school.  

My girl is starting to think about leaving the nest.  It is so very bittersweet because she is MY GIRL in every way possible.  My first born, my baby daughter, one of my very best friends. I’m so excited for her future and for her to find her way and her place and all that stuff.  But goodness I’ll miss her when it finally does happen.

In the personal relationship department things are great.  I found an awesome guy and couldn’t ask for more. His kids love me and I’m finding out just how horribly difficult step-parenting can be.  All of our kids like each other, which is also super helpful. His are much younger than mine. As my youngest leaves high school, his oldest is starting.  It’s an interesting little Brady Bunch but it’s working.

Bertha enjoying the Petrified Forest National Park

My chorus went to Las Vegas for our International Contest in the fall of 2017 and my daughter an I drove a giant box truck out there and back.  We made it an awesome road trip and had a blast. We named the truck Bertha took her to lots of fun places.

I bought an awesome DLSR camera from a co-worker and am slowly getting back to being a hobbyist photographer again.  


We rescued a cat.  Well, she picked us really.  She was on our doorstep every night for 6-7 nights and so we decided to try to see if she wanted to stay for good.  I did the whole posting of a found cat thing all over and no one claimed her. We assume that someone moved out of our apartment complex and left her, which sad but common.  I’m now a cat mom to Luna, a moderately insane black cat.


We also rescued a dog, Mike and I. Went to the pound (the day before my car accident) and found him.  He’s a purebred Miniature Pinscher and adorably neurotic. He lives at Mike’s for now. Leo barks at everything that moves and loves to snuggle.

Life is pretty good.  Things seem to be rolling along pretty well and I’m in a good place and happy about the future.  So … hopefully I can keep it up here. Between life updates and insane life stories, dog and cat photos, and any other bizarre and inappropriate observations I come up with, hopefully y’all will stick around and see what happens next.  

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