Song of the Week: Flight

I was very recently introduced to Lifehouse. I mean, I’m sure I’ve heard them in passing somewhere along the line but a friend sent me a few songs to listen to this week and I liked them. As I’ve said before … I’m a lyric person. I enjoy words. And that is usually what will draw me to a song first, the words, the message, the meaning, the way it makes me feel when I say the words out lout. It’s how I connect with the song and if it is a song I am performing, how I am able to immerse myself into it for my audience.

I have discovered some fantastic (IMHO) words in the songs of Lifehouse. And this song is one of them.

“I’ve lost my balance. I fell from the trapeze. This act isn’t easy. I’ve been under water, the storm has been raging. These nights are not sleeping, my dreams are now strangers to me.”

A lot of what this song is saying really hit home with the year I’ve had.

“I’ve been walking in circles, I’m screaming for answers. I might fall into pieces or maybe I’m finally breaking through.”

So it is my Song of the Week this week. I hope you enjoy it.



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