Song of the Week: It Puts the Crabs in the Buckit

* NaBloPoMo: Day 18*

In what I hope will be a weekly thing, here is a song I love this week. Well, I love this song all of the time, but I’m sharing it this week. Deal with it.

This week’s song is:  “Crabbuckit” by k-os

I discovered this song because of video #2 in this post. GQ is one of my favorite female quartets and this song is on their newest album. I got to hear it live last summer before the album was released and have been obsessed with it ever since. There is just something super fun and funky about it and I sing it in my car at least once a day. Minimum.

It isn’t a deep song with any kind of meaningful lyric. Just damn fun to listen to and sing along with. I’m sharing the original by k-os as well as a video of GQ singing it live at a Regional contest.




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