Save Me From Myself

So, this morning, in a giant┬ámoment of weakness, I decided to swing by Panera for┬ábreakfast of some kind. To be totally honest, my idea was to stop in and if they had any of their amazing warm chocolate chip cookies sitting there … I was totally having that for breakfast.

cookies for breakfast

I. Am. So. Weak.

Luckily for me, Panera is waaaaaay smarter than I am and they had zero warm cookies available for breakfast. So instead I got a Spinach Mushroom & Sofrito Egg Souffle and it was both yummy and way better for me.


So, thank you Panera. For saving me from myself and allowing me to eat something yummy and significantly more healthy than a giant chocolate chip cookie. Although, if that cookie had been there I would have totally eaten it for breakfast and not thought twice about it.

fuck to give

Cookies: Breakfast for Those Who Give Zero Fucks.