New Music: Hollywood Undead

It’s clear to anyone who remotely knows me that I love music. I listen to music pretty much all the time, in some fashion. I usually have at least one earbud stuck in my face at work at any given time, listening to a very wide variety of things.

I use Rhapsody on my phone and have a subscription to that service for myself and the kids. We get unlimited downloads and between the three of us we use the shit out of that service.

At work I use Spotify. I really like it for finding new music. Between the “Artist” or “Song” radio options and the scrolling list of my friends and what they are listening to, there is a never ending stream of new stuff for me to find. And I really dig that.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a group called Hollywood Undead and I’m really enjoying them. They are that nice mix of hip-hop and metal that I really, really like (they popped up on my “We Are Harlot” radio station, which is a new band that was suggested to me by a friend with a million similar tastes, so yay for friends with good taste).

Here’s my current favorite Hollywood Undead song: “Comin’ In Hot” – Enjoy!