Talk Proper To Me

I have discovered something about myself.

I have a sort of “type.”

I mean, I already have a type in men who are bald. That is a thing I love. Bald men. But I have discovered another thing I like.

A Proper Gentleman.

Not proper in the way most people would think. I like a guy who says words that most people don’t say in every day conversation.

Things like

“M’lady” and “That is an adorable breast restraint system”

(probably why this is one of my favorite memes:)


I find people who talk this way completely …well … nerdy and adorable. I was recently binge watching The Mindy Project and discovered the British actor on the show saying things in a similar vein and I realized that a lot of British people talk this way as well. Maybe that is why people (myself included – not gonna lie) find the British accent sexy. Maybe it isn’t the accent itself … maybe the attraction is in those strange, archaic words.  The fact that you are confident enough in your quirky nature to say whatever you want.


But … a British accent helps.

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