Things I Love: Mugs

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Here is yet another (hopefully) regular post, maybe something I’ll do monthly, who knows. I’m changable so it may happen again next week. Or maybe never.

Things I Love – First Edition: Mugs

I love mugs. If I had unlimited resources I would have full cabinets devoted to adorable and hilarious mugs. Big mugs, little mugs, funny mugs, pretty mugs. All of the mugs.

So I’m sharing today some of the mugs I have on my “Mugs Everywhere” Pinterest board.

Many of the mugs I pin are related to other things I love.

Foxes, foxes, foxes, I adore foxes & there are lots of fun fox mugs. Pretty ones, whimsical ones. sarcastic ones. Love. Them.

I can’t resist an adorable sea creature. Turtles and octopi in particular.


Large amounts of inappropriateness and sarcasm. All day every day.

Some of them are just downright gorgeous. I mean really beautiful.

I also enjoy a rough and rustic mug. Something that looks handmade and “from nature.”

Mugs. Can’t get enough of them. Always a great gift idea (just sayin’).

Do you have an unhealthly love of mugs? What kind do you prefer? Funny mugs? Traditional mugs? Giant mugs? Tiny mugs? Or do you not drink coffee (or tea) like some kind of animal?

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  1. I, like you, have an affinity for mugs. Most are University related, some are trophies from the past, some are just for ice cream (wasn’t supposed to say ice cream), and some for a hearty mug of awesome soup on a cold day. Maybe you use yours for hot cocoa or a Peppermint Patty (awesome hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps). Nothing like a good mug!!! Thanks for the blog FireInABucket!!!

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