This is Happening

So … here is a thing that is happening.  I am buying a house.

Holy shitballs I’m doing a totally adult thing, like an adult and stuff.  And I’m FREAKING TERRIFIED and stressed and anxious and also very happy and excited.  Basically all of the feels.

Mike and I have been together just over 3 years now.  We started talking a year plus ago about combining the households and families.  We’ve called it a number of things. The Brood. The Tribe. Our Personal Brady Bunch.  His two (14 & 12) are a bit younger than min (18 & 25) so it’s an interesting dynamic.  But they all basically get along and seem to respect their differences and need for space.  And the beauty of moving into a house, as opposed to the two tiny apartments we live in now, is that everyone will have their own space for the most part.  

We started hitting up Open Houses earlier this year, early spring maybe.  Then contacted a Realtor friend who became our agent and started looking for reals right after J graduated from High School.  We’re looking in the school district where the youngins go, so we can keep them in the same schools, so we specifically waited for J to be done.  It was important to me that he finish out his 13 years with the same kids.

So in late May we started looking in earnest.  We were looking for, ideally, a 4 bedroom house. A 3 bedroom with a finished basement could have worked too, but they all seemed to be just a little small.  Mike’s two have never had their own room. And our places are both so small that we wanted to give the kids S P A C E.

We looked at a lot of houses. Everything was selling very quickly and always over asking prices. We made offers on a few but never won the bidding wars.  Then we found one that had been on the market for a couple of weeks. Unheard of as far as the way things had been happening. Then they lowered the price and we jumped.  We offered basically our max and they accepted it and now we are in contract!!

It’s in a great neighborhood we love that is pretty convenient to everything and very close to the schools.  It has almost all of our wish list items: 4 bedrooms, large kitchen with island open to a family room,big ass tub (* the big ass tub was on my personal wish list. I wanted a bathtub that I could get into and my entire body would be under the water all at the same time. This one has jets which I just consider a bonus).

It doesn’t have a finished basement, but the basement is large and in terrific shape, so now we can finish it exactly how we want it. In the meantime it will be perfect for an area rug, some couches and a TV and video game consoles.  It doesn’t have the exact kind of outdoor living space we wanted, but it does have a Sunroom (Florida Room, 3 Season Room, whatever you call it where you live) and that is pretty nice actually. There is a bit of a deck attached, with space for a grill, so we will use that quite a bit I think.  

It has some wonderful landscaping already in place and I’m excited about planting flowers next spring. It has a very nice backyard with some mature trees. It has some partial fencing but with the sunroom and deck we can put Leo on a lead and he’ll be just fine. No more walking the dog unless I specifically want to take the dog for a walk.  We have space to put in a fire pit and that will probably be our first “project.”

Between the two of us and his mother, we have plenty of furniture for all the rooms, so we can move right in and start living … then we can make it ours and upgrade things as we go.  The best part is that each of us will have our own space. A place to go when any one of us needs some quiet time or time to just decompress and recharge. Space to spend time together and space to do our own thing when we need to.  And while this part of it (financing, appraisal, inspections, etc) is terrifying and stressful and emotional and exhausting, it will all be worth it in the end when we are finally home.

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