This is Life Now

Pandemic. Such a surreal thing. It’s a thing that only happens in movies and on TV, right? It doesn’t happen in real life?

Nope. It totally does.

And I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise all the millions of little, and not so little ways, humanity was just not ready at all. Personally, I’m not panicked. I have a basic understanding of how a virus works. I also have a basic understand of how hospitals work. I know the difference between screening and testing. And, apparrently, unlike many people, I’ve been washing my hands at the appropriate times of the day for many, many years now.

All of the messages and press conferences where public health officials and physicians describe what is happening and what needs to be done, it all makes total sense to me. Limit the spread. Protect those who are at a high risk. Take necessary, and by the way, totally reasonable, precautions. Nothing about this is really rocket science. Just don’t be a dumbass. Pretty simple.

But, we live in a world filled with selfish and rediculously stupid, dumbasses.

Yes, this is a new kind of virus that they don’t know much about yet. Yes, it is spreading quickly and some fairly drastic steps need to be taken to limit the spread and “flatten the curve” so that less people die and the hospitals and healthcare systems don’t get overrun and can handle what they need to handle. Yes, many of us are going to need to stay home for a while, work from home when you can, stop doing the things that we, honestly, take for granted on a daily basis.

Personally, I think that this has the potential to do a lot of people a lot of good. It is forcing people to think about someone other than themselves. It may make people have to do without a few things that they really don’t need. It could make people appreciate those they take for granted on a daily basis. It might force families to actually spend some time together. It could encourage a generation of kids additcted to their screens to discover the joys of “outside.”

I must stress the word POTENTIAL. These things could happen. They probably will for some people. They will not for others. It might change some general outlooks or approaches to live. It might now. This is the joy of humanity. People say that “you can’t fix stupid” and I really don’t think that stupid is the right descriptor in that sentence. You can’t fix stubborn. You can’t fix narrowmindedness. You can’t fix shelfishness. You can’t fix entitlement. Honestly, fix probably isn’t the right word either. Fix, change, improve, modify. You can try to do these things to other people but the YOU can’t do any of them if the other person doesn’t also want to do them. Humans have been trying to fix or change other humans since, well I would hazard the guess that this has been going on since the beginning of humans.

Unless that other person has the desire to change their outlook, point of view, opinions, habits … nothing is changing them. Not me. Not you. Not Covid-19. Nope.

All I can do is take care of myself, take care of my family and loved ones, take care of anyone else I can with what I do on a daily basis, and hope that there are enough openminded people who have even a sliver of desire to change out there to get humanity through this without losing half of us.

So stay safe. Wash your hands. Help your neighbor. Hug those you love. And don’t be a dumbass.

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