Throwback Thursday: A Day in The Life

Back in 2008 I was taking a photography class and as an assignment I followed my son around for two days and took some photos of him. I rediscovered this album the other day and am reminded of two things. 1) time flies. 2) my son is a pretty unusual, interesting, and awesome human. Keep in mind as we move forward, that he was seven years old when these pictures were taken, and right at the peak of his amazing and unlimited imaginative self.

I present to you: A Day In The Life: Jamison Calland (Age 7)

These photos were taken over two days, a Saturday and Sunday, the summer of 2008.


Like most 7 year old boys, he liked to start his Saturday morning with some breakfast (which was most likely a Pop Tart of some variety) and some cartoons. This was followed by getting dressed, brushing teeth and putting on shoes.

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I hate to say it, but he never ties his shoes any more. He’s learned that thing that guys learn, where they tie them “just enough” so they can slip them off and on. He hates having to wear his boots, because they force him to tie his shoes. It’s the little things.

On this particular Saturday, we took a trip to one of his most favorite places on the planet (even to this day) the zoo. In our case: The Columbus Zoo.


He has always loved being in control of the map. He gets that from me. Maps are cool. Also, being in control is cool.

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For as long as I can remember, Jamison has said that he wants to be a Marine Biologist when he grows up. Even now he still has that as something he’d like to do for a living. That being said, Jamison doesn’t have a full zoo experience if he doesn’t get down and dirty and touch as many things as he can. Above he can be seen touching a jellyfish, waiting on some Lorikeet to eat out of his cup, and petting a goat.


I spoke in my last post about Jamison that he was kind. Here he is holding the door at the aquarium for people. I will never forget this moment, because he held the door for just about every person at the zoo. I literally stood there for 5-7 minutes while he held the door for people. He never had a “break” in people and didn’t want to close the door on anyone … so he just stood there … until I physically moved him away. It was simultaneously the sweetest and most ridiculous thing ever.


Obligitory “Falling Asleep On The Way Home From The Zoo” photo.


Day Two

Sunday was a pretty standard summer day for Jamison when he was 7. We kicked around at home for a bit. Went to the park. Got some ice cream. Ya know, normal little boy things. It was a great day.


I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise that Jamison loves Legos. He would spend hours and hours and hours playing with Legos. He currently has an entire 4.5 foot tall dresser full of his Legos. He made some pretty awesome stuff with them as well. He would also start with the actual planned model, but then would tear it apart and put the pieces with his stash and create some fun stuff. For example, right under his hand, that big stack of white things, those are “actually” sacks of sand from some Pirates of the Caribbean set.

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Jamison was the King of Sticks. As you can see, he would gather them from his walks. Walking to/from school or the park, he’d see a stick he liked, he’d bring it home. He could almost always find a stick that somehow looked like a gun. The kid knew his sticks.


Nothing better than some time on the playground. This one was a little further from our house, but he liked it better. Also, it was a little bit closer to his favorite ice cream.


Greater’s Black Raspberry Chip. Oh yeah.


It wouldn’t be a day in the life if you didn’t lose a tooth, right?

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Nothing like a nice bubble bath after a successful weekend. He’d sit there for hours. Then he turned into one of those boys that I have to bribe to get him in the shower. Why do boys do that? I will never understand.


Yep. He’s a pretty great kid. I love that underneath it all, he really hasn’t changed much. And that is just fine by me.


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