Tipsy TV – Walking Dead Edition

Recently I found myself several episodes behind on The Walking Dead and spent an evening home alone trying to catch up. As it has been a shitty and stressful couple of weeks, I had a couple of beers with my food while I was watching and soon found myself a bit tipsy. I discovered something about myself during this experience.

When I’m part-way to drunk and watching TV home alone – I tend to talk to the television. I found myself having conversations with the characters. Asking them questions. Yelling at them. Bargaining with them. Encouraging them. Calling them dumb-asses occasionally. It’s as if, in my brain, they were actually there in my basement with me and somehow I could interact with them and “help” them through their current situation.

If an alien species were to have stopped by and peeked in on me, it would not have reflected well on the human race. Partially because, well because I was screaming and conversing with made up characters on an inanimate object in my basement. Also because most of what was spewing from my pie hole were not actually completely formed sentences.

So below are some of my rants and observations from the three episodes I watched.  For spoilers sake – in case that matters and in case someone out there is further behind than I am, the episodes I watched were: “Knots Untie,” “Not Tomorrow Yet,” and “The Same Boat.”




—  Carol and her God Damn cookies – the feels!


—  After watching Ross Marquand do Nano-Impressions, it’s hard to see him be serious anywhere else.


—  Carol, oh Carol. I love you”


—  Carol quote of the night:  “‘Cause, asshole”


—  “What?! Gabriel?! Jesus?! WHAT?!!”


—  Another great quote: “This is the next world”


—  (screamed during a battle scene): “shit fuck God Dammit fuck shit fuck Jesus Christ Holy shit”


—  Yet another quote/moment: “Let not your heart be troubled.” (Amen. Holy shit)


—  Observation: Paula’s voice makes me want to punch babies. Just shut it already.


—  Ooooooh … Maggie is pissed!


So, yeah. Basically I discovered that I’m a giant crazy person when I watch a show I’m passionate about. And put a little alcohol in me …. WTF is wrong with me!

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