What a Difference …

… a year makes.

As I look back on the last year, I realize that I am, at the same time, exactly who I used to be and yet someone completely different.

I recently spent a weekend with some amazing old friends, and met some new ones at the same time. I made new connections and renewed old connections and had, potentially, the best weekend I have had in a very long time. I was relaxed and I had fun and I was 100% me. No excuses. No awkwardness. No guilt. Just me.

I was told that my new life looks good on me. I received untentional feedback on the changes I have made and it made me realize something:

I really like my life and who I am becoming. I phrased that as an active process on purpose, becuase it is just that, a process. I am not done yet. This particular weekend rejuvinated me and made me realize that my happiness is 100% in my own control. It made me rethink my daily thought process. It caused me to decide to start focusing on the positive and to try to eliminate any negativity from my life. I had a stress-free, positive, happy, wonderful weekend and it was amazing. I want every day to be just like that.

No stress. No negative thoughts. Only happiness and positive energy. 

Happiness is a choice after all. When you get up every morning, you can make the conscious choice to focus on all of the fantastic things you have in your life, becuase there are plenty of them, and let that positivity overrun any negative things you have going on. Push that ugly shit aside and get on with living the best life you can. You get one chance at all of this. Why waste your time and energy on anger and frustration and unhappiness. Why waste you emotion on drama or guilt. Don’t do it friends. Life is beautiful. It is a gift you get once and you have the ability to make it what you want it to be.

As I reach the end of the first year of my new life, the month of May takes on new meaning for me. It is traditionally, at least in these parts, the month of Spring. The month of hope and a change in the seasons, welcoming in sunshine and warmth. And I will do that in my life as well. Only sunshine and warmth for me. Happiness and lots more hugs. Life is awesome and I plan to live my to its fullest. Taking my happiness where I can find it and burying any negativity or stress or ugliness under mounds and mounds of positive energy. If you plan to bring any bad juju around me … prepare to watch me walk away. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Here’s to an amazing Year Two.  More happy. More love. More hugs.

Yay me.

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